Find The Right Plumber Following These Simple Steps

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Plumbers are vital to making sure your home is comfortable and working in order. The problem is almost all homeowners end up looking for a plumber in the same fashion when the drain is clogged or the toilet won’t flush and you are in a panic trying to find a plumber as fast as you can.

There are some tips to keep in mind before you find yourself in this situation.

Research Research and More Research

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is the ability to quickly and simply do research on any topic you want. This, of course, includes plumbers. Your research can be general or specific meaning a plumber that works in your neighborhood or city for example versus a plumbing company that is nationwide.

So an excellent search term to narrow down a specific number of plumbing contractors would be something like a plumber in Frankfort. This kind of specific search term will yield a list of names you can compare. Now comes even more research. Take the name of those plumbers you jotted down and now you can look at each one individually.

To make finding the right plumber even better you want to look for specifics such as customer reviews. These reviews are usually from satisfied customers that the company will proudly display.

You can also research customer comments outside of the companies website giving you a better feel for the kind of plumber you are looking at. You can also double-check with business bureaus about any complaints as well as the state board to make sure they are licensed and bonded.

Ask Important Questions

This tip is about asking questions. First, let’s start with a research portion again. There are many of you reading this right now that will not use the computer to find a plumber and that’s fine there are still many valuable and just as good resources you can use its called tapping your network.

We all have a network this includes neighbors, work colleagues, friends, and family. All of these resources make up a great and invaluable network you can use to find the right plumber.

These people have already used them and most likely used a plumber in Frankfort more than once so you can be sure they are happy with the service. Grab that name and number and keep it handy. Some of you will stop at this step but many will take it one step further.

This final step is all about calling them yourself. You may not need a plumber at that time the reason for the phone call is simple you want to test the waters so to speak. This is a trial run before you actually need them.

You can simply call to find out what their hours are and do they offer 24-hour emergency service as well as pricing. Their responses and attitude will tell you a lot. You can quickly weed out potential plumbers you want no part of.…

Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As time goes on, most houses start to show their age from weather damage and foot traffic. You can add a shine and provide some visual pop by implementing a few weekend projects that can also improve the value of your property.

Start With the Driveway

It’s the first thing people focus on when driving by or visiting, so go all out and assemble a landing that gleams. Check out the variety of paver stone at your local home improvement store and find a color that matches the ambiance of the surroundings. After setting the blocks, consider applying wet paver sealer. Not only does this application provide long-lasting protection, but it also dries leaving a permanent ‘wet’ look. It also strengthens the joints between pavers to prevent premature breakdown.

Bolster Green Areas

Spend a few hours fortifying your lawn and landscaped areas to produce inviting scenery. Reseeding with quality grass can take a sparse-looking lawn to the next level. If it fits the budget, automatic sprinklers can keep a yard hydrated and healthy. A much cheaper option is to strategically place a spigot near an area that needs water frequently. Prevent weeds from taking over flower and shrub areas by laying down fabric mesh over unused spots. This can be covered with mulch at the end of the project. Attract butterflies and hummingbirds by planting brightly colored flowers and milkweed.

Exterior Maintenance

Some simple upkeep to the outside of a house goes a long way toward preserving the structure and materials. Inspect gutters regularly to ensure there are no damages or strain on the fascia. Investing in an affordable pressure washer is an excellent way to keep the luster of the siding intact. Performing an inspection on the entire base of the building is also a good idea to seal any unsightly openings where rodents can gain entry.