July 2, 2020


Anything but ordinary

3 Incredible Home Improvements for the Family Pet

Spoiling the family pet can be a lot of fun. Dogs tend to be rather...

Spoiling the family pet can be a lot of fun. Dogs tend to be rather grateful for all of the wonderful things that their owners do for them. However, there are many amazing, off-the-wall home improvement projects that pet owners can do for their dogs.

Doggy Doors with Private Porches

Doggie doors are not an uncommon feature for many homes. In fact, these little doorways are one of the best ways for families to save time when their dogs need to go outside to use the bathroom. However, few doggie doors have a personal porch for the dog as well. Building a private porch for the dog can be a fun family project during the long summer days.

Designating a Room for the Dog

If there is an extra unused room in the home, it can be turned into the dog’s own personal bedroom. There are even some Phoenix area furniture stores that offer furniture that would be acceptable for the dog to use. Examples might include a small toddler bed for napping, or a small stand for the dog’s snacks and water. This helps to keep dog toys out of family common areas, and gives the dog a safe place to go when he or she feels uneasy.

The Ultimate Dog Play Yard

Spacious yards are important for dogs who need to expend their energy. Exercise is very important for a dog’s health, too. Try encouraging the dog to exercise by building a series of platforms, tunnels, stairs, and other obstacles that the dog can run through or climb around on. Try hiding toys throughout the area, especially those that require the dog to work hard for the treats within.

Dogs provide their owners with a limitless, unconditional love and loyal protection. Giving the dog the opportunity to live like royalty is a great way of showing appreciation on the family’s behalf. Many of these home improvement projects are simply fun to do, and could be a great chance to bond together as a family and learn something new.