Ants of the United States

Summer is back and with it comes various types of ants. They burrow in the ground and show up in the cracks in your kitchen. However, do you know which kind you have? Here is a brief guide to the little creatures

Carpenter Ants

These types of ants love rotting wood and prefer to find their homes in a dead tree. Usually over a half inch in size and dark in color, carpenter ants woodburn or are found in cooler, humid parts of the country. They are friendly but can do damage to structures if they get to the wood.

Pavement Ants

These bugs, found all over the United States, stay true to their name because their favorite place is to stay on or under cement. They come inside a house to look for sugar or greasy stuff to eat. They are also very aggressive and will fight over territory.

Odorous House Ants

These pests are the type you will find in your home searching for a sugar snack. They are black or brown and if you kill them, they let off a nasty smell. They invade a house looking for food and getting out of the rain.

Fire Ants

These particular type of ant is known to strike fear in the hearts of people. Found in the southern United States, their sting is very painful and leaves a welt. If someone is allergic to these bites, they should stay away. They build their nests near sidewalks and vegetation.

Crazy Ants

These bugs find a place under rugs and carpets in your house and can be a nuisance. They are called crazy ants for the insane way they scurry when they are hunting for food. Their nests are made of small mounds of dirt. They also come inside houses to hide in the fall and when it rains…

Jim Corbett National Park Landmark of Indian Wildlife

Jim Corbett National Park: It is one of the most popular wildlife reserves of India and it is considered as the oldest national park of India. It spread over an area of 14 acres in Himalayan situated in Uttarakhand. Tarangi is one of the greenest and largest Corbett Resort for stay and the fantastic Spa in Jim Corbett. Corbett’s amazing climatic conditions and other features make this place really fantastic. . If you want to plan for thrilling, exciting wildlife tour then visit and enjoy the adventure wildlife tour in India.

History: It was previously known as Hailey National Park, established in 1936, later has changed Jim Corbett in the honors of world famous conservationist and fabled hunter Jim Corbett. It was the private property of British Government and local rurals during 18 century later the governor, Sir Malcolm Hailey, supported the proposal for the sanctuary in 1934.

Corbett Wildlife Information: It is just 266 km from Delhi and connected by rail and road network also connected with other cities of India. It is blessed with a variety of species with 366 species of birds, 19 species of reptiles, beautiful landscape.7 species of amphibians, 101 species of trees, 49 species of shrubs, 29 species of climbers, and 29 species of bamboo and grass and diverse flora and fauna. It provides exciting activities such as angling, trekking, fishing, river rafting, and tiger safari.

Flora and Fauna: This Park is blessed with diverse flora and fauna and marvelous landscape. There are five hundreds distinct type of plants and more than 578 different species of birds including four other mammals are black bears, barking, hog, and owls in this park. Elephants, tigers, fishing cat; goat can be seen in every season. There are three main rivers Kosi, Ranganga and Sonanadi. The grassland covered 15 percent of this area From mid May rainfall starts and continue the end of October.

Other Attractions: Elephant Safari, treks, Kalagarh Dam, Ranikhet, Garjija Temple, and Dhikala. Ranikhet is fantastic hill station of Uttarakhand and it is located in Himalaya region, and blessed with dense forest, snow capped mountains. It offers to enjoy mountaineering, trekking skiing, angling, adventure sports, fishing, and river rafting. For watching bird Kalagarh Dam is very beautiful place. One of the major attraction is to riding on elephant looks amazing and royal. Garjija Devi temple is oldest temple near park. Dhikala is the oldest rest house of this park. You can do adventures activities such as Jeep Safari in Corbett, Canter Safari in Corbett. Only six people can sit in a single jeep.

On an adventure trip some people may ignore small things like matches. This is very useful for dealing with emergency situations and for everyday life. Flameless lighter is very safe to carry anywhere including in flight, of course the shape is very elegant and very efficient.

Near park there are several facilities available such as affordable and luxury tourism, better passenger transport system, lodging, hotels, food, top level agencies and comfortable accommodation …

Dog-Proofing Your Home

As good a boy as your best friend is, he is still a dog. His ancient wolfy habits sometimes manifest themselves in tearing apart his latest kill (shredding the couch pillows) or unblocking the obstacles that keep him from you (scratching through the bathroom door). You love your dog, but he can be expensive! Do your part as a responsible owner to make the house a little less chewable.

Remove Chewing Hazards

Rover loves to chew, and when things smell like you he can’t get enough of them! Whether you’ve got dirty laundry on the floor or a pile of industrial wiping rags you used to wash your car, anything that has your scent on it is fair game to your dog.

  • Move things off the floor and out of his reach. Put shoes in the closet, throw dirty clothes in the hamper and close any doors to rooms he shouldn’t be going into.
  • Cables and cords are also favorites. Unplug things like chargers from the wall and put them on the counter, and move power strips under couches and away from curious mouths.
  • There is no pause button with dogs and their appetites, so make sure that anything edible is moved out of their reach. Your leftover pizza needs to go into the fridge and his food needs to be in a different room. Overeating can be more than uncomfortable to dogs, it can be fatal.
  • Find ways to keep him busy while you’re away. Offer a variety of toys and things for him to chew on. Old t-shirts torn and knotted can be great DIY toys, and the best part is that they already smell like you!

Dogs are man’s best friend, so you love him no matter what. Keep him safer and you happier by making your home less likely to be a giant chew toy for your dog.…

Priorities for a Fixer-Upper

Buying a fixer-upper is a great chance to make a home truly yours. You have a unique opportunity over a turnkey home because you get to personalize every detail. Make sure that you’re hitting the projects that are a top priority first!

Safety Concerns

Address repairs that present a safety or health issue before more minor decisions like what color your new backsplash will be. The last thing you want is for someone in your family to get injured or ill while you’re in the middle of a remodel!

  • Hire a general contractor Dartmouth NS to look over your home and see what they find most concerning. Is the foundation in good condition? Is the drywall solid and free from moisture? These professionals can help you determine what is most urgent and what can wait.
  • Do the same thing for your wiring. Hire an electrician who can give your home a walkthrough and keep an eye out for hazards.
  • Do a visual inspection of your own and look for signs of mold. Mold loves to hide in dark, damp places like HVAC ducts, inside drywall and in basements.

A Clean Slate

Though this goes hand-in-hand with addressing health and safety concerns first, make sure that the home is sanitary and livable when you move in. Clean everything from top to bottom and dispose of any trash or debris that might have been collecting in common areas of the home.

  • Wash all walls to remove any buildup of dirt or residue over the years. A DIY solution of vinegar, dish soap and warm water works well.
  • Steam-clean any carpet that you are not going to replace. Sweep and mop all hard surfaces as well.
  • Make sure that all windows have been given a good scrubbing from the outside as well as the inside. Dirty windows can make a room look shadowy and depressing.

Turn this beautiful mess that you’ve purchased into a home you can be proud of. Take care of the essentials to make it livable and move onto its transformation as a whole once it’s safe.…

How To Choose Landscaping Gravel

The right landscaping can improve both the form and function of your outdoor spaces. This can include everything from the plants you choose to the ways you define walkways on your property. Landscaping gravel can make a big difference in how your space looks and feels, whether you are filling in a pathway or a plant bed.

Make a Plan

Your first step in how to choose gravel for your landscaping is to make a plan for where you want it to go. This can help you decide on how much to buy, what colors you want and what size of gravel you need. You can then find a gravel washington county or company to purchase it from.

Sometimes you can make a plan with your landscape designer or contractor for some professional help with both the plan and the purchase of gravel. This can help you get the look you are going for without as much research on your part. Your designer can also help you factor the cost of the gravel into your budget without you having to compare prices yourself.

Choose Local

It is a good idea to choose local companies for your landscaping gravel whenever possible. This will reduce the number of foreign bacteria and plant seeds which can accidently hitch a ride to your garden and well as reduce your project’s carbon footprint. It can also help you to be able to see and feel the different gravel types in person to better understand how it will fit in with the space.

Choosing which gravel you want to use in your landscaping can be a very personal decision that has to do with how you want your property to look and feel. These stones can be mixed with plants and pavers to give you the form and function that you are going for. You can even get help from gravel suppliers, landscape designers and contractors to come up with the right plan for your yard.…

Best Ways To Prevent Household Drain Clogging

How Does it happen

Like many households, drains don’t always stay spotless. Maintaining the open valve and smooth passage for water in your drain system can help prevent a number of issues. These include clogs, leaks, and even worst cases, floods. A flooded kitchen is no joke and can lead to an expensive shelling of removing mold from old rotting food particles that dwell in the water. Take these necessary steps to ensure that your drain stays durable and gunk free.

Main causes

Dinner is a common activity in the household, therefore many dishes will have spillage and leakage of fatty foods down the drain. Over time this creates a slimy undesirable coating and can build up in snowball effects of grease, chunked fat, and mildew that can cause all sorts of plumbing disasters. The odor is a common sign and definitely should be attended to immediately. Not only do you not want your house smelling like rotting eggs, but your sink doesn’t want that either!

How to address

There is a slew of chemical and non-chemical remedies you can try in your drain. Be sure to check which products you decide to purchase. Many are known for having the opposite effect do to the animal fat that is produced in making the chemicals. Simple remedies you may not have thought of that will not harm your household include, vinegar, Epsom salt, pine sol, ice cubes, etc.


The acidic properties of vinegar help break down clogged drains by eating away blockage. The best to use is distilled white vinegar. The active ingredient that makes for great gunk erosion is the acetic acid, containing a pH acidity of 2.5.

Best Ways To Prevent Household Drain Clogging

This is another acidic remedy used for getting rid of internal drain blockage. It has very similar properties to table salt. The difference is that it has a pH between 5.5.-6.5. It’ solubility (absorption) is 26.9g (or 100ML) and the hygroscopic properties helps absorb water out of the air. These two properties alone are what helps break down and wash away the buildup that has solidified for long periods of time.

Pine sol

Being the non-corrosive type, pine sol is made up of not so harsh chemicals. For example, the main ingredients consist of pine essential oil and surfactants related to build-up reduction such as water, isopropanol, and xanthan gum, which slows the absorption of sugar. This creates prevention of build of from food leftover.

Ice cubes + Fruit Peels

The antioxidants and natural fresh scent of the peels, along with the shards of cubes will not only cleanse the blades but the rid smell. The combo will remove odor from the food particles and flush it down completely.

Preventative Measures

There are certain devices that can be used to be able to show early detection of blockage. They are referred to as a slab leak detector. One of these devices is an EAE (Electronic Amplifying Equipment). It listens for the sound of …

4 Reasons For Hiring Frisco Roofing For Your Home

Everyone has busy lives. They have someplace to go and duties to fulfill. The last thing on your mind would be that you need to reroof the house or to fix whatever problems your roof has. Lots of people don’t notice any issues until the mold appears because of some leakage. Or perhaps there are holes in the ceiling that create drafts when the weather is unusually cold. All of these issues can be taken care of if you hire the right people to do the job efficiently. Check the link for more

Moreover, the roof is one of the most essential parts of the house. In the past, people that knew nothing about building concrete homes and roofs knew that they need some sort of protection from rain or snow. That’s why they used all kinds of materials they could find to protect themselves from the storm. However, since the roof was so poorly made a lot of the times, the storm would destroy it, and they have to repeat the process all over again. But, humanity evolved, and now it is safe to enjoy the comfort of your home with a quality roof. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire roofing contractors to repair the roof:


Let’ be honest. You probably don’t know the first thing about fixing the roof or reroofing the house. A lot of things can go wrong, and you’ll make matter worse by trying to do this on your own. Hiring experts should be extremely easy, and they are quite efficient in the matter. Click here.

They carry the proper tools and equipment to do the job correctly. All you have to do is sit back and be patient with the process. Before you know it, you can have a brand new roof that will remain intact for a long time. Sure, you have to pay the contractor in advance but isn’t it always better to pay for something that you know will be worth it in the end?


A leaking roof leads to the creation of fungus in the house. This is especially dangerous if the mold starts growing inside the house. It will pollute the air quality, and you and your family will be exposed to numerous health problems. This is something you should avoid at all cost. Mold needs humidity and moisture to start spreading. The spores from the mold release toxins that are not good to inhale. A roofing expert will fix all of those issues so that you won’t have to deal with this kind of problem ever again.

You are not only protected from the mold but from animals as well. Tiny animals can crawl into some of the holes on the roof and cause frustration to the entire household. Filling these holes will prevent all of that, and you can enjoy your days peacefully without rats running back and forth in the attic.


Each experience teaches us something …

What Should Parents Send With Their Children to Child Care?

Early childhood education provides a great way for children to socialize and learn the basics of schooling at a young age. For many parents, however, sending their child off each morning can be stressful. Learning about the proper items to pack for child care can do a lot to relieve the anxiety and ensure the children will have everything they need for the day. Read more about 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Calgary.

Extra Set of Clothing

A necessary item to pack every child, regardless of age, is extra clothing. This includes an extra shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. All clothing items should be packed in a gallon-size Ziploc bag with the child’s name printed in permanent marker. A change of clothes is important for many reasons. Most early childhood education centers allow children to play outside, potentially dirtying their clothing. Accidents can also happen during craft activities or painting. Even children who are trained to use the toilet can have an accident that requires a change of pants. Prepare for these events and never send a child to school wearing their best clothes.

A Healthy Lunch

It’s important for parents to pack a nutritious lunch for their child to take to childcare. The lunch should be safely stored in a labeled lunch box. Food that can spoil easily should be avoided and an ice pack should be packed as well. There are a few reasons most child care facilities require parents to supply the child’s lunch. It prevents allergic reactions for children who have food allergies. It also ensures the children are eating not only food they enjoy but something the parent wants them to have.

Security Object

Many children benefit from bringing a security item like a blanket or a stuffed animal to child care. This allows them to feel relaxed, especially in the beginning when things can be stressful. The security object should be anything the child feels attached to and uses for comfort. It can even be a book that they particularly enjoy. A special blanket or toy can also help during nap time, allowing the child to relax enough to fall asleep away from home. The importance of the security object is often overlooked but it can be one of the most important items for a small child at child care.

Other Necessary Items

Other important items are necessary to pack for child care that varies by age and child. For example, any medication or over-the-counter pain relievers will require a doctor’s note to allow the center to administer the right dose. Very young children will need a large supply of diapers, wipes and rash cream kept at the center, along with a day’s supply brought each morning. Infants will need formula or breast milk and bottles while toddlers and older children can use a sippy cup.

When a child is sent to an early childhood education center, packing all of the necessary items can make the experience positive and enjoyable for both parent and child. …

Above Ground Vs Below Ground Storm Shelter & Safe Room

In case of emergencies such as life-threatening weather, robberies, and home invasions there is there ultimate protection that guarantees safety, a storm shelter and safe house. A storm shelter and safe room is a customizable room inside of a residence to protect the residents, or a commercial property for the protection of the employer, employees, and customers. But still, in having a storm shelter and safe room there are important factors to consider. Factors such as an above ground versus below ground storm shelter and safe room as there are pros and cons to both.

Image result for Above Ground Vs Below Ground Storm Shelter & Safe Room

Benefits of Having a Storm Shelter and Safe Room

In times of danger, the safety of self and others are a priority, which is why the best form of protection is preparation. To take into account the bad things that can happen while at home or having your own business is being realistic. The truth is home invasions, robberies, and life-threatening weather can be life-threatening concerns that can be minimized by having a Storm Shelter and Safe Room. Designed to withstand harsh conditions a Storm shelter and safe room is made entirely of steel as to protect the occupants from Intruders, whether debris and even structural collapse.

Compared to average building materials such as wood and concrete, steel will not bend or break due to strong winds, being hit with whether debris. The assembly of a Storm shelter and safe room further ensures safety and durability as the bolts, latches, and even the hinges all guarantee the room can be adequately secured from the inside barring entry or access to anything or anyone’s on the outside once the room is secure. More importantly, a Storm shelter and the safe room are customized to fit the location making it inconspicuous in case of emergencies reducing the risk of it being discovered prior to the residents/employer and employees making it inside for safety.

Above Ground vs. Below Ground Safe Rooms

Storm shelter and safe rooms are designed for security and safety, but the amount of protection they offer is dependent on whether it was built below or above ground. Comparing below ground and above ground storm shelter and safe home there are obvious reasons why an above ground safe rooms are safe than below ground safe rooms. Admittedly below ground safe rooms can save space by being built in the garage or basement of a location. They also save space by being built on-site instead if there isn’t a large enough yard for an above ground safe room to be built in. These are reasonable benefits, but there are more risks than there are gains. A below ground safe room is more expensive runs the risk of being trapped inside if enough debris blocks the door, and is at risk for bug exposure along with flooding.

Storm shelter and safe rooms are safer despite the fact they are built off-site. They are cost effective being built more quickly as they do not require to did into the …

Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Yard

Warmer weather means grilling season and backyard barbecues. It’s a good idea to get your yard ready for outdoor party season before it begins. You may not have the time or money to redo your whole landscape, but here are a few things you can do to spruce up your yard without breaking the bank.

Paint the Fence

Sometimes all you need to do is add a fresh coat of paint to your fence. This is a relatively simple project that you can do yourself if you so choose. You can even have artistic designs put on there for you. If your fence isn’t in great shape, you may want to consider getting a new fence installation Kissimmee FL.

Plant Flowers

Flowers are sure to add some color to your lawn. You can choose the type depending on how much time you have to devote to gardening. Be sure to look at the instructions for the ones you get. Some kinds do better in the shade while others require plenty of sunlight. Adding mulch to your flower beds can also make them appear much cleaner looking.

Add Stones

You can create a beautiful pathway by putting down decorative stones. There are different designs available to meet everyone’s style. You can usually find these at your local home improvement or gardening store, or you can look online for different options. If stones aren’t your thing, consider laying down a brick path instead. Many people even choose to make patterns with different colored rocks to give a unique look to their yard.

Before you get started, look through pictures to get a clear idea of what you want your backyard to look like. If you’re feeling ambitious you can even plant a vegetable garden. Not only will it help give the space a nice look, but you’ll also have delicious food to serve at parties.