July 10, 2020


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Bathroom Improvements to Help Your House Sell

While it might seem crazy, remodeled bathrooms can actually help your home sell for a...

While it might seem crazy, remodeled bathrooms can actually help your home sell for a higher price. Simply making a few updates has the potential to add thousands of dollars to the actual sale price. That being said, you do have to factor in the cost of the work. Here are a few updates you can make that are relatively inexpensive and may even be able to be done yourself.


Painting the bathroom should be a relatively simply job as it is likely the smallest room in the house. If you’re trying to sell your home, adding a fresh coat to every room is usually recommended anyways, so you may want to hire professional painters Fairfax County VA. Typically, it’s best to go with a neutral color, although blue bathrooms are a popular trend as well.


Over time, the bathroom floor becomes dingy and worn down. Regularly cleaning can help with this, but laying down new tiles can really help make the room look new. To save money, you can find new tiles at your local home improvement store and find tutorials online to put them down yourself. While many people opt to go with classic tiles, try finding a fun pattern to give the bathroom a unique feel.

New Countertops

This will likely be the most expensive of the three projects depending on the type of material you choose. Going with marble or granite over laminate is going to be more expensive but is far more likely to catch a potential buyers eye during an open house. Keep in mind that you’ll also probably need to hire someone to do the installation for you.

Before you begin the project, decide what you want the end results to look like. Make sure everything is coherent so you don’t end up with floor tiles that class with the walls. If you feel like the project is too much to handle alone, consider hiring a handyman or remodeling company to help you.