June 4, 2020


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Best Ways to Keep Your Dogs & Canines Warm and Safe in Winter

If the temperature starts dropping overnight, the best thing that you can do to protect...

If the temperature starts dropping overnight, the best thing that you can do to protect your dog is to take something from closet to make it warm. Even though some parts of the world enjoy warm winters, severe changes of the weather tend to cause shock to your pets.

It is vital to understand that every single dog breed reacts differently to cold weather. For instance, German Shepherds tend to love snow and rain, and that is perfect period for playing.

On the other hand, short-furred dogs such as Chihuahuas require fluffy blankets during the winter colds. At the same time, cold weather can also lead your dogs to defecate in house, especially if outside is chilly.

Equipment for dogs is essential and we are talking about wearables and clothes that you have to own for these reasons. That is why you should check out this dog website to learn more information on which things are the essential for dog owners.

Similarly as in every season, winter can cause some dangers to your puppy. That is the main reason why you should check out following factors and do something about them:

  • Frozen Water and Ice – You should remember that ice tends to be highly dangerous to puppies and dogs since they will not realize that they are stepping on it. The best way to prevent hypothermia and drowning is by keeping your dog away from these areas. If the ice is thick enough, it can cause them to lose control, fall and tear ligament or muscle, which may lead to further issues as well.
  • Antifreeze – The smallest bits of antifreeze can cause severe issues to your dog. Therefore, you have to keep them away from containers, and if you have noticed spills, clean them as soon as possible. It is vital to learn how to recognize antifreeze poisoning among pets such as lethargy, vomiting and trouble with walking.
  • Arthritis – In case that your dog is showing signs and symptoms of arthritis, it will be more apparent during the winter times. We recommend you to try to keep your pet as warm as possible, and find heated bedding as well as medications that your vet will prescribe you to relieve pain symptoms and other issues as well.
  • Carbon Monoxide – You have to be completely careful when it comes to leaving your dog in a running car, especially if you are shoveling snow during the winter.

Apart from the issues that could happen along the way, you have to be aware that other things as well can happen due to cold weather. For instance, dry skin is another issue that could happen, which means that you should find appropriate dog boots and sweaters to keep it warm.

At the same time, it is vital to increase the caloric intake through food because that will help them stay warmer during the cold winter days and nights. If you have an outdoor pet, it is necessary to build or purchase adequate shelter as a protection from conditions.

Things You Need

  • Sweater – Have in mind that puppies tend to be less cold tolerant due to lower amount of fat mass and muscles than adults do. At the same time, you should remember that fat and muscle increase would protect their metabolism and keep them warm as well. You can find puppy coats on the market, but always go for ones that will not be as thick as possible, because thick sweater could affect mobility. Doggy sweaters are great choices for both puppies and adult canines especially during the times when you are walking them to handle outdoor duties. Some dogs cannot deal with sweaters at first, which is why you should introduce them slowly and without too much pressure. The fact is that they will learn after a while that sweater is something that protects them from cold.

  • Paws Protection – When you decide to give your dog an entire outfit, apart from sweater, you should consider finding boots as well. In case that your dog is walking on salt, ice and snow that could damage their pads and paws. Therefore, dog could experience frostbite after long exposure to cold. After a walk, you should inspect their paws by checking whether you can see ice balls and snow between toes. Salt in combination with iced sidewalks could interfere with paws health as well. Therefore, you should either find boots, or make sure that you wash its paws after a walk. In case that you neglect washing their paws, they will feel the urge to lick them, ingest salt, and that may lead to other issues as well.
  • Fatty Acid Supplements – We have mentioned above that pets tend to develop dry skin, static filled fur and dull coats due to artificial heat that happens after wearing furnaces. That is the main reason why you should check with your vet to find fatty acid supplements that will reduce drying effects on their skin and fur. At the same time, home humidifier can help reduce issues with dryness. However, before grooming and combing your dog, you should get rid of static by carefully stroke dog with smooth edge from neck to tail.
  • Increase Feeding – The best way to keep them warm is to increase the amount of food that they consume. Since the cold weather requires more energy to maintain heat, they need more calories to generate warmth, especially if you are leaving them outside.