June 5, 2020


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Give Your Home a Kick in the Curb Appeal

Many DIY and home improvement shows mention curb appeal. More than just a catchphrase –...

Many DIY and home improvement shows mention curb appeal. More than just a catchphrase – curb appeal is a real factor in the sale of a home or the enjoyment of it by the family who lives there. If your yard comes up lacking in the appearance area, here are some simple steps that can make big changes.

Keep it Watered

Using weed control and fertilizers are important aspects of keeping a lawn green and healthy, however, nothing makes as much difference as giving your thirsty lawn plenty of water. Set your sprinklers to go off a couple of hours before dawn so that the cells of the grass blades are receptive to soaking up the water.

Light it Up

Your beautiful landscaping may look great by day, but it can disappear when the sun goes down. Consider checking out the landscape lighting design St Louis Mo has available. Lighting the yard can show it off throughout the night hours, may increase safety for those who use the walks or stairs, and may enhance your home’s security.

Native Plantings

Choose native plants to ensure that your plants will enjoy the greatest success. Look into the agricultural growing zones as well, choosing only that vegetation which can thrive in your area, ie: No matter how badly you want a tropical hibiscus plant, it will likely suffer a premature death in northern Montana.

A Splash of Color

Although there can be a certain sophistication in a monochromatic greenscape, a yard is generally more attractive with a pop of color. That could mean adding flowers, or for a more masculine look, simply add plants with red, yellow or other colored leaves to add some variety.

Execute one or two of these items in your yard. Making a few improvements to your curb appeal can be as costly or as inexpensive as you want it to be. The enjoyable results of your efforts, however, may be priceless.