July 5, 2020


Anything but ordinary

How the Right Color Palette Can Tie Your Interior and Exterior Décor Together

Most homes are decked out in boring and neutral tones, like beige, off-white, and yucky...

Most homes are decked out in boring and neutral tones, like beige, off-white, and yucky yellow. How can the right color palette tie the interior and exterior décor of your home together? Read ahead.


The Right Décor Colors Can Elicit Strong Emotions, like Creativity, Positivity, and Calm

Colors have been scientifically, psychologically proven to have impactful effects on the moods and emotions of others. Therefore, you should choose décor colors that elicit strong emotions, but in a positive light. For instance, sky blue has been linked with creative flow, positive vibes, calm, and inspiration. Whereas, mellow green has been known to evoke feelings of goodness, compassion, zen, and peace. The same would apply to exterior décor, like gazebo kits that allow you to choose the color that makes you happy to simply see it.


Color Palettes are Often Inspired by Nature or Something Calming and Beautiful

Instead of one focused color, a palette is a selection of three to four colors, all complementary to each other. And, more often than not, pre-picked color palettes often draw inspiration from nature. For example, an ocean palette would be a combination of sand gold, ocean blue, seafoam green, and cloud white. Or, a forest palette would have accents of rich brown, deep emerald, valley green, and canyon beige. These kinds of nature-based palettes are often calming and beautiful.


The Perfect Color Palette Incorporates Several Colors for More Décor Options Later

As stated above, color palettes are selections of complementary colors. These colors have been known to go well together, so you have an entire room already designed and painted for you. Or, you could pick apart a palette, painting an area with the colors that strike you as the best. The great thing about using a color palette is there are no wrong ways to implement the colors.

Why would interior and exterior design be important in your home? Because the right colors and décor have been shown to increase productivity, improve upon mood, and ultimately make everyone a happier.