July 10, 2020


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Reasons to Consider a Combination Storage Garage Option

Many people desire more storage options. This is true of both indoor and outdoor spaces....

Many people desire more storage options. This is true of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Storage is simply a desirable feature, and the more the better. There are so many options to consider, and garages and sheds are valid ways to meet existing storage needs.

When considering a garage or a shed it is important to factor in budgetary realities as well as any housing association guidelines and regulations. After doing that, evaluate the existing space to work with as well as the current appearance of the home and surrounding landscaping. Then, think about your storage needs and what you are planning to store.

If considering a shed or a garage, it is worthwhile to also examine any garages sheds combination options. These structures merge the best of two options and give added versatility. In addition to shed garage combos, there are also shed garage carport combos available. These types of structures come in a variety of widths and lengths, and even in custom made sizes. With a combination structure, it is possible to add an entertaining area where you can host gatherings, as well as enjoying organization space for your belongings and a safe covered area for vehicles.

Parking a car in the garage keeps it protected from the elements and from sunlight exposure. It also makes vandalism less likely and allows vehicle owners to hop in to the vehicle and be ready to go without defrosting and scraping ice or spraying off pollen. The popular and knowledgeable hosts of Car Talk note both mechanical and aesthetic benefits of keeping a vehicle garaged, versus non garaged.

Many people pay to keep belongings in storage units. While they may be clean and climate controlled, it is an extra cost per month and also not as convenient as accessing belongings on your own property Sparefoot Storage Beat posted statistics in December of 2018 showing that the “percentage of households that rent a self-storage unit is 9.4 percent.” The money spent monthly to house belongings elsewhere could be invested in a shed combination on your own property. Although you might not use all stored items regularly, you will probably appreciate having easy access to them when you do need them.

There are shed combination options available for those customers who seek do it yourself choices, as well as people who would rather have professionals handle the entire process. Many companies offer free delivery and in addition to customized size options, there are also a variety of color choices to choose from. Options range from sleek and modern appearances to more industrial looking possibilities. For combinations that include a carport, possible uses include having an additional outdoor work space or a shaded painting and art creating area. The outbuilding, related features, and uses for them are as unique as each household is. There are so many practical and creative reasons to really explore the option of having a storage shed area added to your property. Start reviewing dimensions and looking at photographs or actual scale examples today!