June 6, 2020


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Three Things To Look For Before Replacing Your Roof

The roof is an essential component to any home. It keeps the moisture and air...

The roof is an essential component to any home. It keeps the moisture and air out of your home protecting the interior and keeping the temperature regulated. Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever and eventually need replacement. When they fail, they can cause damage elsewhere in the home costing more money to repair or replace. Here are some symptoms to look for if you think you need a roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water leaks can cause damage not to just the roof but to your ceilings and walls as well. The water leaks through problem spots in the roof and along support beams. Dark stains and streaks along the ceiling often indicate a water leak from the roof. Replace with quality roofers Edgewater FL before a leaking roof causes further damage.

See Light

You should never see light coming through your roof. If you walk into the attic and can see light, chances are there is a crack or hole in the roof. Those openings allow for not only water to get through, but insects and small rodents can come through and make their home inside your home. Neither of those options is welcome to most homeowners. When you see light, you should immediately call a roofing specialist.

Saggy Areas

The roof should be a solid, stable surface sitting atop your home. Water can cause damage to the structure of the roof resulting in areas that sag or droop. One easy way to determine if you have moisture damage is to use the end of a broom and gently tap spots that appear to sag. The material shouldn’t bend easily, feel soft or be wet. If it is, it is time for a roof replacement.

Replacing your roof can be an expensive part of home maintenance. However, replacing it as soon as you identify a problem can save you money on further repairs. Leaking roofs continue to cause damage until eventually, you have an emergency problem on your hands.