June 4, 2020


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Will You Need a Roof Load Calculator Come Winter?

Today’s economy has made people more mobile than ever, especially in careers with a lot...

Today’s economy has made people more mobile than ever, especially in careers with a lot of advancement. That’s also led to a large number of Americans learning to live in a new climate zone over the last decade, and sometimes that adjustment can be a big shock. Whether it’s seeing a heating bill in winter for the first time or facing down the actual costs of central air in a place like Houston, there are always surprises. For those who move north after getting used to the moderate snowfall in the central U.S. or the near total lack of it in the south, learning to deal with the winter precipitation is vital, especially if you are buying a house. If you live in a northern state known for dense snowfall, that means having the right tools to keep yourself safe all winter.

Move Snow Quickly

The first set of tools you need will be the ones that let you move snow out of the way after a heavy storm. Shovels, automated snow blowers, and salt are your friends here, and they can help you get out on the road so you can go to work and get supplies. Most people know about them, too, so it’s not hard to realize you need them. In addition, you might want to consider a miniature or child-sized snow shovel for the car, as well as your snow brush and scraper. The small shovel gives you a chance to dig out around a tire quickly or to clear a pile-up from the car before going to work with the brush. You’ll also need to know when it’s time to address snow on your roof.

Roof Snow Loads and Safety

In areas that get feet of snow at a time every winter, your home’s roof can get stressed by all the extra weight. In some cases, it can even compromise its integrity. While cave-ins are rare, they aren’t unheard of, and the reason they are rare is because of the widespread adoption of the roof load calculator for states with heavy winter snow. This tool lets you know when you’re approaching the point where your roof needs to have some weight cleared off, so you know when it’s time to either go up a ladder or call in reinforcements. A lot of times, clearing the roof also helps with other winter hazards like ice build-up that can push itself under the shingles and lead to interior leaks, too.

If you’ve recently moved up north and your home doesn’t have a way to measure the weight of snow on it, you’ve got all summer to find and install the right load calculator. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard after things get cold.