May 19, 2022


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3 Things To Do Before Opening a Ranch

To be a working ranch, your property has to meet several criteria. You don’t want to bring cattle or horses home to a property that isn’t prepared to care for them safely. Not only do you need to have people on-site who know how to care for your animals properly, but the property needs three crucial elements. Make sure you do these three things before bringing animals home.

Invest in Proper Fencing

Ranch fencing Texas is what keeps your animals on your property. Not only could your horses or cattle get hurt if they escape from your pasture, but they could also injure someone else and you will be held liable. Prevent this from happening by enclosing your pasture with sturdy, high-quality fencing materials such as wood and metal. You should also make it a habit to inspect the fence regularly to make sure it stays intact.

Make Sure You Have Enough Property

Whether you house cattle or horses on your ranch, you need to have plenty of grazing room. Although land requirements vary widely depending upon several factors, including the type and breed of animal you have, you will need approximately two acres of land per grazing animal. If you have a small herd and supplement grazing with high-quality feed, you may be able to get away with less land. However, you still need to make sure the size of your property is adequate for the size of your herd.

Build Shelter

Animals need shelter from storms, so before you bring your cows or horses home, make sure they have either a lean-to or barn to protect them from the wind. Cows may be fine with a simple lean-to that will block the wind or rain. Horses, especially if you ride and compete regularly, will probably require a barn. This type of building gives you space to keep your animals confined when they need vet care. It keeps them from injuring themselves and offers warm shelter from cold temperatures. As a bonus, a barn also gives you space to store your equipment and tack up horses for riding.

If you want to have a ranch, you need to make sure your property has the right criteria to support your animals properly. Making sure you do these three things before bringing home a herd of horses of cattle can help you ensure your animals have the care and space they need to thrive.