June 3, 2020


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3 Ways To Prevent an AC Breakdown

In warm weather, your air conditioning unit is your best friend. It keeps your home...

In warm weather, your air conditioning unit is your best friend. It keeps your home at a comfortable temperature throughout, allows you to get a good night’s sleep, and keeps you from breaking a sweat. However, if your AC unit stops working, you can be sure it’ll happen when you need it most. Here are three ways you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down.

Replace Filters

If you’re going to invest in air conditioning installation Williamsburg VA, you must commit to keeping your filters clean. Filters can easily clog up with dust and debris; a dirty filter can cause your air conditioning unit to overheat. Most manufacturers recommend you replace the filter every three to six months, so check the guidelines and ensure you keep the filters clean in between replacements.

Clear the Area Around Your AC Unit

Many homeowners remember to keep the indoor component of their air conditioner clear but forget to maintain their outside units. If the exterior AC units become blocked with weeds and plants, they can overheat and malfunction. It’s a good idea to box in your unit to not only keep undergrowth out of it but also to prevent animals from getting too close.

Keep Pets Away

Cats and dogs can cause significant damage to your HVAC unit. Their hair gets into the filters, they chew electrical wires, and they may even use it to mark their territory. If you have concerns about your AC system falling victim to a four-legged friend, you can keep pets away — and safe — by securely encasing wires, fencing in your unit, and using a pet-deterrent spray.


With proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit can last for years. If you schedule annual maintenance services and take good care of yours, you can enjoy fresh cool air every time the temperatures heat up.