January 16, 2021


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4 Helpful Tips for Fall Spider Pest Control

Spiders look adorable on your Halloween decorations. However, that doesn’t mean you should invite these...

Spiders look adorable on your Halloween decorations. However, that doesn’t mean you should invite these creepy crawlers into your home. The sight of a large arachnid is enough to have anyone running and screaming. These helpful tips can help you keep spiders away. 

Clean Out Your Home

When cleaning, pay special attention to the dark, creepy areas of your house such as your cupboards and kitchen units. Don’t forget to look behind the back of your furniture as well. You should also focus on reducing spider infestation in your firewood piles, garden waste bags and other areas outside of your home. 

Dust makes spiders feel cozy and convinces them to set up a home there. Make a commitment to dust and vacuum your home at least once a week so they won’t want to stay. Use a vacuum with an attachment to clean around the floorboards and windowsills. 

Install Glue Traps 

A nifty little glue trap is ideal for spider pest control since it doesn’t use chemicals. You’ll find that it’s extremely useful if you keep your windows and doors closed around this time of year. Place these traps in heavily trafficked areas of your home, such as your basement, kitchen and garage.

Remove Conkers and Essential Oils 

Contrary to an old wives’ tale, conkers and essential oils don’t necessarily keep spiders away. But if you feel better about keeping essential oils in your home, then feel free. As you probably know, there are many health benefits to keeping essential oils in the home, and they smell delicious. 

Clear Out Those Cobwebs 

Don’t get rid of those fake Halloween spiderwebs, but you should never keep real cobwebs around. Don’t wait for several hours or even days before removing them. Even if you don’t see the spider, you want to remove the web as soon as possible. This form of spider pest control is fairly easy as it can be done with a broom, duster or vacuum. 

Keep spiders out of your home by using traps, cleaning, and dusting away cobwebs. After all, the only spiders you want to share space with are the kind found in your Halloween décor.