October 27, 2020


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4 tips to consider before adding a lawn fountain

If you want to give your lawn a good focal point and a center to...

If you want to give your lawn a good focal point and a center to which all the eyes would gather, then a fountain is your solution to all these things. A fountain can add tranquility and beauty at the same time to an otherwise dull lawn but remember, to get the best out of your lawn fountain, you need to provide a good maintenance to it. The Mornington Peninsula Landscapers have a variety of fountains that you can chose from, depending upon the size and nature of your lawn. Choose wisely and check this list of things to know, before selecting one.

  1. There is a huge variety of fountain styles available in the market, so at first, you have to decide which style you want to add to your lawn. 
    • The standalone artistic fountain with a classical look
    • A naturalistic fountain, that falls into a pool or simply disappears after it falls back
    • A straight water jet that spread from a nozzle
    • A wall mounted water fountain with a water reservoir
    • A fountain with the statue of your favorite animal or character


And if you are confused at determining which one would suit your lawn best, the Mornington Peninsula Landscapers can always help you with their guidelines. 


  1. Next you have to consider the kind of pump that you would be using for the fountain. There are two types of pumps.
  • Submersible Pumps

These pumps are immersed in the deepest part of the water 

  • Surface or external pumps

These are at the top of water and it is required that they are kept invisible so that the beauty of the fountain in not compromised


  1. Material used for the fountain

The next thing to consider is the material that is used for the making of the fountain. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, ranging from a rock to limestone, granite and cast stone. Each has its own features and depending upon your need, you can choose your fountain.


  1. DIY fountains

There is a number of DIY video tutorials found on the internet for making the fountains yourself. Just follow the instuctions and build a fountain of your dreams. You can make both the indoor and outdoor fountains as well. the material used is pretty basic and all you need is a pump installation.