May 19, 2022


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4 Types of Kitchen Countertops

For many people, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. Anyone who loves to cook enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen and would like it to be as nice as possible. One of the focal points of the room is the counters. Each person has a different vision for their perfect kitchen, and there are plenty of options that they can choose from when it comes to selecting countertops.

1. Marble

One of the beautiful stones that can be used as a material for kitchen counters is marble. It can be polished up to a gorgeous shine and make the whole room feel special. It needs to be maintained, so contact a professional to ask about marble polishing Manhattan NY to keep it looking like new.

2. Granite

A great thing about granite is that each slab has its own unique colorization and veining to make each kitchen truly different from all others. It is durable and can handle the heat from hot pots and pans without being damaged. As long as it has been sealed properly, it is also resistant to liquid and staining.

3. Tile

Like granite, tile is also heat resistant and can handle pots and pans right off the stove without a problem. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing the homeowner to customize the look of the kitchen down to the last detail. Tiles can come in porcelain, ceramic, glass, or stone such as slate and granite It is also a more cost-effective option than granite or marble slabs, so can be a good choice for anyone who is looking to update their kitchen without paying a hefty price.

4. Butcher Block

Butcher blocks have become more popular lately and can be an attractive and functional addition to any kitchen. They require more care than other types of counters. About once a year they will need to be sanded down and filled to treat scratches and then treated with mineral oil to protect the wood. They are also not as resistant to heat and liquids as other materials. To get around those drawbacks, some people choose to use butcher block for only one countertop and use another material for the rest of them.

Research all the available options and choose carefully when selecting kitchen countertops. Decide what properties are the most important and then narrow down the choices from there. Then, enjoy the kitchen’s new look.