October 18, 2021


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5 Tips for Winter Siding Care

The siding on the exterior of your home will struggle to make it through the winter if there are developing problems that are left unattended. Below are five tips to caring for your siding during the colder months.

Avoid Repairs and Replacements If Temperatures Are Below Freezing

Only do necessary repairs if the temperatures have fallen below freezing. Vinyl and other types of siding material are somewhat durable, but low temperatures make them more brittle and easier to break. Secure loose and damaged siding and wait for a warmer day to repair.

Keep Objects Away From Siding

Leaning heavy objects against siding when it is cold can cause cracks and breaks, especially with vinyl products. Wood siding is not as prone to damage, but cement fiber and cedar shake boards can crack or split if the object has enough weight. Be careful when shoveling large amounts of snow close to the home. One wrong turn with the shovel can ruin a portion of siding.

Carefully Remove Overhead Icicles

The bane of every vinyl siding owner is the wintry icicles that sometimes collect on the edge of the roof. One wrong move as they fall can send them right into the siding, creating a hole that requires repair. Use the end of a broom handle to knock the worst part of these icicles down gently, but have them drop clear of the house. Stand out of the way to avoid injury.

Repair Caulking for Cement Fiber Siding On Warmer Days

Siding boards comprised of cement and fibers are sealed using a waterproof caulking material. Check the surface of your siding to make sure everything remains sealed. Replace any missing or ineffective caulking as soon as you have a sunny day that is above freezing. The optimal time to do these repairs is in the fall before extreme cold temperatures hit.

Inspect the Integrity of the Siding and Paint Before Cold Weather Stays

You still have a chance at inspecting the siding and getting any noticeable problems fixed before the cold comes and stays. Get the help of a professional if you know some issues are beyond a simple repair. It is worth investing in having the job done right.

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