May 19, 2022


Anything but ordinary

5 Ways to Use Nature Resources in Your Yard

Did you know that we don’t really need to use any of the energy sources that pollute the planet? We can all create our own ecosystems that are renewable and with it, we can protect the environment as more as possible. Of course, this requires at least a little investment, but in the end, it will all pay off.

When you think about renewable sources, you think about the most obvious ones – wind, sun, and water. These three are everything you might need and want in life, and they provide all the sources you need. If you know how to do it, you’ll never be dependent again on the city lines providing you electricity, water supplies, or anything else for that matter.

In this article, we’re sharing five excellent ideas that are going to save you from paying extremely high bills to the providers of these sources, but more importantly, you’ll add value to preserving the environment. Follow up if you want to know more about these things.

1. Installing sun collectors

The sun is an energy source that no one can control. Today’s electricity comes from energy sources that are heavily polluting the planet. The worst is the nuclear power plants that cause extreme pollution and pose a threat to people living around them. See more about this technology here.

Instead of this idea, you should be building a sun collector of your own. You can place it on the roof of your home or in the yard. The collectors are connected to your housing electricity system and provide the power needed for your appliances to work.

More collectors can produce more energy. If you make a proper investment, you’ll no longer be dependent on the city power lines. Even when the sun is covered in clouds, these items will store the collected energy in batteries and will have it for you whenever you need it later.

2. Using an artesian pump for water extraction

Underground water sources are everywhere. Chances are great to find water under your home because there are underground rivers and lakes everywhere under us. Call the service that is skilled and experienced in extracting this water. They will set up a system for you and make this water available and free to use at all times.

You will need an artesian pump to extract it from under the ground. These guys will provide it, and even if it breaks down, they’ll come and fix it. This is a normal procedure, it is placed under the ground and you need yearly maintenance for it to work properly.

It may take a decade until you need them, or just a couple of years will pass until artesian pump repair is needed. However, until then, you can extract tons of water that will be there for you whenever you need it. You can use it for washing your clothes and dishes, or for gardening purposes.

3. Placing a compost bin

One amazing renewable idea is placing a compost bin that will transform all your organic garbage into useful food for the plants in your garden. Your organic potatoes or tomatoes won’t grow as fast and tasty unless you give them the proper food.

Some people use factory-made foods, but this is not the best idea as you don’t know what they placed inside it. It’s best to create it on your own. The specialized compost bins are perfect for this use. You place one in your yard and simply toss the organic waste in it.

It will work independently and you don’t have to do anything special. When it is ready, you can simply place it in the yard where you want plants to work faster and stronger. It can be used for anything – from your grass and plants to the food you’re growing for your kitchen.

4. Having a wind turbine to for powering electricity

Another power source that you can use is the wind. Unlike the sun, this one’s still not as popular as the first one. Wind turbines are perfect for those places where the wind is usual, but you can’t rely on them for getting constant electricity and powering your home.

However, you can use them for powering the lights on the candelabras in your yard. You can use them for things that may or may not be powered with electricity, but this small investment can save you a lot of energy waste, and at the same time, prevent planet pollution.

5. Planting ivy walls to produce more oxygen

This one’s definitely not used as much as it is supposed to be used. Ivy is a known plant that is excellent for producing fresh air, yet cities are not using it as much as they should. Ivy is one of those plants that will turn carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen better than any other plant out there.

Yes, it’s great to have all kinds of trees and bushes, they do a significant part of the work, but the ivy is one plant that will truly make a difference. More sources show that this plant will make your home an oasis where the air will be as fresh as you’re living in the mountains.

Your walls facing the neighbors, the home walls, and the terraces can all be planted with it. This is the kind of plant that is easily going to climb on the walls on its own, and you don’t have to treat it too much. Just give it water regularly, and you don’t have to do anything specifically. Learn more about it here:


These are the five crucial things to do if you want to create a home that will be independent and will help prevent pollution. These are all renewable energy sources that will make a difference.

Using the energy coming from the sun, the wind, and water can all give you the power you need to stay well-fed, warm, and have electricity in your home.