February 8, 2023


Anything but ordinary

Alice’s New Journey in College

College can be a new and overwhelming experience for new students. I remember when I was a freshman in college. Even though I was a good student, I found myself having difficulty adjusting to my new scholastic environment. I had to learn how to manage my time wisely and fight away the temptations of procrastination. When I graduated, I was so proud of myself for working hard, staying focus, and staying on task to complete my goals in life. My friend Alicia was a different story. She needed computer science homework help online.

When Alicia first got to to college, she was definitely overwhelmed by the new experience. She realized that she had more freedom, She lived in the dorm and could come and go as she pleased without answering to anyone else. She enjoyed going to all of the college parties and staying up all night. She often procrastinated to do her work. Alicia enjoyed the freedom, but neglected to consider the reality of college life. In college, she was no longer considered a child. Her professors saw her as an adult. They also treated her like an adult. The professors did not constantly try to hold her hand. Alicia got a hard taste of reality.

Alicia had an essay due soon in her computer class. She was far behind in her studies. The paper was worth a quarter of her final grade. If she did not make a perfect score, she would fail the class. It was to late to drop the class. She was too scared to let her parents find out about her slacking off in her studies. She knew that her parents would be furious and cut her off financially. She was desperate.

She found a company to do her paper for her online. They charged her an affordable fee. She was so glad that the price was not too high. They completed her paper promptly. Alicia got a perfect score on her paper and passed the class.