August 11, 2022


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All You Need To Know About Coloured Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are now in vogue in Australia. You will find most houses with concrete driveways, especially coloured concrete driveways. There are several reasons why people are opting for Coloured Concrete Driveways.
Some of the benefits of the concrete driveway are:

  1. Long-lasting: Concrete driveways last longer than most other materials. The service life of a concrete driveway is almost fifty to sixty percent longer than most other materials, even asphalt. Hence although it might seem costly to go for a coloured concrete driveway, you might just consider it as a one-time investment with very little maintenance cost.
  2. Resistant: As compared to its asphalt counterpart, concrete driveways absorb the ultraviolet rays, and hence are cooler. Hence on a hot summer day in Australia, you can walk barefoot on a coloured concrete driveway. Also, as it reflects heat, there is a lesser requirement for light for a concrete driveway.
  3. Aesthetically appealing: For many, the natural grey concrete is quite appealing, but for those who want more variety, there are options of different coloured concrete driveway and patterns—lending a beautiful and aesthetic look to the highway.
  4. Strong: As concrete is a rigid material, it can bear more load and does not tend to break very easily. You can rest assured that there are no chances of rutting or other damages even if you have heavy trucks plying on your concrete highway. The strength of concrete is one of its biggest advantages.
  5. Low maintenance: Unlike most other materials, concrete does not require much maintenance cost. All you need to do is seal the joints from time to time and your concrete driveway will be in perfect shape and will last for years to come.
    Points to keep in mind while colour for your concrete driveway:
    Choosing the right colour or the perfect colour combination for your concrete driveway can be quite challenging. Here are a few helpful points that can assist you in choosing the right colour for your driveway:
    Match it to the colour scheme of the house: Make sure you match your driveway to the existing colour scheme of your house, to make it look like the perfect fit.
    Light colour v/s dark colour: While light colours reflect heat, dark colours absorb heat. You need to choose the colour keeping in mind whether you want to walk bare feet on the driveway.
    Match the patterns: You also get coloured driveways in different patterns. Use the chosen pattern of natural bricks or stone to give your driveway a natural look.
    Some people also opt for earth-toned concrete driveways. This comes in shades of brown, sandy beige, tan, and other earthy tones. These colours are becoming more and more popular because they blend well with the surroundings and give a natural and earthy touch to your driveway. Another popular concrete driveway is the grey natural look of the concrete. To give the boring grey an exciting touch, you can mix it with other colours and different accents of grey.