August 12, 2022


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All You Need To Know About Home Solar Power System

11 Benefits For Installing A Home Solar System - Build Magazine

Residences who are shifting to solar energy as their source of power are now increasing in numbers. People are getting wiser after discovering the benefits solar usage can give them. Lower your electric bill expenses by using solar power in your home as your source of power and giving you many benefits, you might need to invest but you can actually get back your money’s worth. For those planning to get home solar power, here are some things you have to consider.


Steps to Follow When Planning to Get Solar System For You Home

Know Your Energy Usage

Before getting solar panels for your  home make sure to be able to measure how much your household consumes. Be also aware of the ways you use your energy, are you making ways to save energy or not? Being able to know your energy consumption can help you estimate how many solar panels you will be needing and what are the ideal setup for your home. To help you better you can get guidance from the following factors:

Home Energy Audits

With the home energy audits they can determine where your home is losing energy and how to improve to use energy efficiently.

Appliances and Electronics Usage

Observe how often you use your appliances and check on their efficiency , opt for appliance high efficient products . Usage of Electronics should also be monitored, since they are used most of the time, measuring how much energy they consume should also be recorded. Knowing the total energy use in your appliances and electronics can determine how much energy you need.


Lights are responsible for making the home look bright and ist is usually used all day long , especially at night. Sometimes even if people are sleeping, lights are still being utilized, this can consume a lot of power. Using LEd lights can be a good idea to lower your energy consumption on lights.

Know Your Solar Potential

Be familiar with your area or region and make sure that you have enough energy source to support your solar panel system if you have one installed. Regions with lesser sunny days can have a lower energy source. Another factor ro check is the location where you plan to mount your solar panels. The common structure where solar panels for house

are installed on the roof. Make sure that it is free from obstructions such as high trees or buildings, solar panels that are directly open to sun rays can process more solar energy fastre.

Choose The Power Home Solar System Properly

A common solar panel system is consist of the following structure:


  • Solar Panels

These are responsible for collecting energy from the sun. Solar panels for home cost about $2.40 per watt to $5.0 per watt. Numbers of solar panels will depend on how much energy your whole household needs.


  • Solar Inverter For Home

Inverters are used to convert direct current (DC) to Alternating currency (AC). AC is the current that is ready to use for appliances and electronics.


  • Solar Battery

Batteries are used to store energy that are collected from the solar panels. Having a solar battery is ideal since you can control your energy consumption by using energy collected from the panel in the morning and using energy stored in the battery during the evening.


  • Off Grid Solar System

This solar panel system is the one that is not connected to the grid meaning your energy source will depend solely on the solar energy source . This is good because you don’t have to pay any electricity bill, since you just depend on your complete solar power kits for homes.


Solar panel installation cost may be pricey but it will be a good investment. Since the return of investment can occur in 3 to 5 years. With all the money you can save from not paying your electricity bills, the money you spend in getting a solar panel system will be worth it. Home Solar Power System

Can make your life convenient since you can monitor your energy usage , and even pay lower or zero electricity bills. Lighting your whole home without worrying too much about paying high bills is a big benefit from having a solar panel system in your home.