May 16, 2022


Anything but ordinary

An Authentic Dream Log House

An Authentic Aspiration Log Property in Jackson, WY by Peter Zimmerman Architects. This house was developed for a few who program on being in Jackson for 3 – 4 months, both in the summer time and the wintertime. All of the residing room is contained on the 1st floor. They have 3 daughters who are avid outdoor persons and take a look at their moms and dads on a regular foundation with their major other people. The house wanted to grow to accommodate a complete dwelling all through vacations and then accordion back again down to a space that was intimate for two individuals.

The idea for the siting, the scale of the residence and the landscape was to be reminiscent of an unique homesteader’s log home, found in an at first cleared meadow which experienced gone fallow around the years and began to see volunteer vegetation establish. This allowed for the normal landscape to eat the internet site.

The consumers embraced the idea of carrying out what seems to be an reliable log dwelling. The total interior is wood: either log or board. All of the supplies were reclaimed.