September 25, 2022


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Condo Q&A: What Can We Do About Noisy Neighbors Upstairs?

Recognize how your rental docs handle nuisances. Then mail your neighbor a created recognize on how their sounds is impacting you – and copy your home supervisor.

STUART, Fla. – Problem: We are possessing a incredibly tough problem with sounds established by the rental unit positioned specifically earlier mentioned us. We have evidence that the earlier mentioned unit has not been outfitted with a seem-barrier layer beneath the tiled flooring. This circumstance has by now induced us two several years of terrible anxiety. The occupant is unfriendly and the precise house owners are ignoring us. Our management company has failed to acquire any action. What can we do? – B.B. Stuart

Answer: The to start with issue that you really should do is to acquire a appear at your condominium’s governing files, including the declaration and bylaws. It is probably that the files exclusively handle nuisances and provide that house owners can’t make a nuisance. A nuisance takes place when there is a substantial, unreasonable interference with an additional person’s use or enjoyment of their home.

In other phrases, one home proprietor basically can’t use their home in a way that interferes with an additional home owner’s suitable to use their home. In that regard, sounds can surely be regarded a nuisance. But with a caveat. Florida law will protect individuals beneath what is regarded as a fair person conventional. In quick, would a “reasonable” person be bothered by the nuisance, in your scenario, the sounds?

Sounds is a subjective issue – what is unreasonable sounds to one person could not be so to an additional who is likewise situated. Therefore, the law was not built to necessarily protect anyone who could be “supersensitive” to sounds. Some individuals tend to be more delicate or allergic to issues these kinds of as sounds, smoke, mould, mild, and many others. When anyone is hypersensitive, they could assume that the non-delicate folks living all over them should legally accommodate their sensitivity. This is basically not the scenario.

That being reported, condominium associations should enforce nuisance provisions in their files when an precise legal nuisance arises. If the sounds from your upstairs neighbor is demonstrably a nuisance, the home supervisor and the board really should act upon it. You have the complete suitable to legally complain if the carry out of your upstairs neighbor is impacting your use and enjoyment of your unit.

I understand from your concern that your neighbor is a tough individual and is ignoring you. But, if you have not finished so by now, my advice is that your to start with action is to put them on recognize in composing and to copy your home supervisor on the letter. Since they are unfriendly and/or not responsive, probably they are not informed the extent to which the sounds is influencing you. You really should also converse to your other neighbors to see if they hear the sounds and are unreasonably impacted. Regretably, it can occasionally be tough to get an affiliation to intervene in this type of circumstance, especially where by there is only one neighbor who complains. The more assistance you have for your problems, the better posture you will be if or when you make a formal grievance to the home supervisor and, in the end the board.

Keep in mind, the operative concern is regardless of whether the seem that other residents are making is unreasonable? Though the sounds could result in you a disturbance, are your neighbors carrying out anything that most individuals in your growth would or would not contemplate to be a problem?

You also outlined the difficulty of soundproofing amongst the floors. If that is a problem, your difficulty could not be with the neighbors, but with the degree of seem transmission amongst the models. If that is the scenario and the creating was just manufactured in these kinds of a way that it permits seem to journey amongst the models, you probably really do not have a claim in opposition to the affiliation and you really should converse to an engineer or a normal contractor about getting techniques to lessen the decibels amongst your unit and the unit earlier mentioned. You could be in a position to have some sort of seem insulation set up to lessen the seem transmission effect.

Regretably, at the finish of the working day, there are all forms of noises that individuals will need to are living with when they are living in a creating, regardless of whether it is an condominium creating or a condominium creating. As a resident in a creating, there are just specific issues that you have to put up with as standard noises and the law is not built to protect residents from noises that are merely a element of regular creating living.

However, if you definitely think that your difficulty rises to a degree that is not regarded “reasonable” or “normal,” then you could have an actionable legal claim. There are just so a lot of aspects that will need to be regarded in advance of you embark on that street that you really should contemplate talking to a qualified lawyer if your personal attempts show to be unsuccessful.

Harris B. Katz, Esq., is taking care of partner of the Legislation Agency Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross, PLLC, in Boca Raton. The information offered herein is for informational applications only and really should not be construed as legal advice. The publication of this report does not make an lawyer-consumer marriage amongst the reader and Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross or any of our attorneys. Viewers really should not act or refrain from acting based mostly upon the information contained in this report with no to start with speaking to an lawyer, if you have thoughts about any of the concerns lifted herein. The using the services of of an lawyer is a selection that really should not be based mostly only on ads or this column.

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