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DIY Painted Countertops and Reviews

Painted Countertops can easily improve the appear of a kitchen or lavatory counter on a...

Painted Countertops can easily improve the appear of a kitchen or lavatory counter on a funds. But, how very well do they keep up? We have collected analysis and are completely ready to share the painted counter tops toughness in multiple conditions.

Following you have painted your counter tops, take into consideration adding a banquette bench to your kitchen and dining nook. Or increase features with these IKEA kitchen hacks. And increase a custom made contact to your kitchen island.

When it comes to Diy counter tops, portray can be a great selection. If your counter tops are nonetheless structurally seem but just a dated or unpleasant colour — a few coats of paint and sealant can give you new counter tops on a smaller funds! But, just like with concrete counter tops, wooden counter tops, or even painted cabinetry — you want to make positive that you do your analysis and know what you’re getting into. So today we have some experienced DIYers to give you their Diy painted countertop evaluations. Some procured their components independently other folks used a pre-assembled paint package like Rustoleum or Giani. All of them are completely ready to share their knowledge and advice! Additionally, rate their toughness on a scale of 1 (very low) to 5 (large).

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Diy Painted Countertop Critiques

Dawn | Designing Dawn

Dawn (a person of our beloved contributors!) painted her kitchen counter tops 4 years in the past, and they’re a person of the most preferred counter tops on our website (highlighted listed here). The system, in a nutshell: clear/sand, and “faux” paint in levels to resemble stone counter tops (including adding glitter!), then seal with Envirotex Lite for a glossy end.

Designing Dawn glossy painted DIY countertops review

“The counter has held up incredibly very well. We refinished them virtually just 4 many years in the past, and I did not strategy on it long lasting for good, but so significantly so great. We try out to treat it very well, not chopping directly on it and not positioning warm pots or pans on it. I uncovered that heat can melt away and discolor the resin- which isn’t a genuine difficulty if you use dark paint, but on my really gentle counters it displays a little bit yellow in a place the place I held the torch far too very long all through the curing system, so I have been more thorough about warm items touching the counter at any time given that.

As significantly as cleaning, I really do not do anything at all exclusive. Just wipe them down as required with Clorox wipes or a vinegar/h2o combination. Any stains we have experienced have buffed correct out with a magic eraser.”

Designing Dawn DIY painted and sealed countertops durability review

Dawn states Yes she would use this once more and advocate it to a pal: “Absolutely! I basically have used it once more on my lavatory counters and have been just as pleased with that final result. I have also experienced quite a few folks try out it after looking at my tutorial who have documented back again that they ended up really delighted with the benefits.”

She premiums it as a 4 (Fantastic. It has lasted very well and more time than I experienced predicted). “I did not expect it to very last as very long as it has and I expect that we can get quite a few far more many years of use out of it. I really do not feel it is as strong as genuine stone, but we are thorough and it has held up wonderfully for four many years now.”

Tracy | Standard Splendour

Tracy painted her formica counter tops (highlighted listed here) to appear like granite virtually 5 many years in the past. Her funds-helpful fake granite counter tops appear great in her kitchen!

“The counter tops have held up remarkably very well! Even I am a little bit amazed. It was just likely to be a rapid short-term deal with but given that I am so pleased with the appear and efficiency, I resolved to re-beautify about them. I just lately added a stone backsplash and added a stone backsplash to update the kitchen but I retained the counters as is. If they get a little bit uninteresting, the glossy shine can be promptly restored by wiping them down with furniture polish.”

Tracy DIY painted faux granite countertop update and review, how to paint countertops featured on

Tracy states Yes, “I would most certainly use this method once more and I have suggested it to a lot of friends. It is a great alternative to comprehensive counter substitution and is Pretty price productive! I am so delighted with the benefits.” She premiums the toughness as “most certainly a 5!” (Amazing!)


Kristy | Castle Diy

Kristy redid her kitchen counters about a yr in the past, using “some Pinterest inspiration, acrylic paints, a purely natural sea sponge, a handful of portray equipment and the ideal stuff at any time: Envirotex Lite!” Total aspects listed here.

“My counters are nonetheless in great condition! I in no way put anything at all warm directly on them, and I did get a little bit of food colour on them that I’m nonetheless figuring how to get out – but all people states the appear just like granite, but for a portion of the price. I just cannot wait to employ the similar method in both equally of my bathrooms, far too. It was certainly less complicated than I imagined it would be!”

Castle DIY faux painted granite countertop review

Yes she would use this method once more and she premiums it as a 5 (Amazing. I expect this to very last for a lot of many years.)

Kristy’s strategies:  Make positive you have obtained a 2nd set of palms, strong gloves, and some time to spare. It will take 3 days for the counters to cure right before you can use them. Also, verify and recheck for places the place the resin did not achieve. I have a number of minimal places near the edges of my counters the place we did not “push” the resin – I haven’t attempted to go back again and deal with these places nevertheless (but only mainly because except you lived with me, you’d in no way observe they ended up there).



Reader Lauren

Lauren painted the counter tops in her kitchen about a yr in the past. (She also painted her cupboards, so browse about that listed here.)

“I initially needed to do a fake marble, but all through a person excursion to the hardware shop I observed a quartz countertop sample that was a sparkly black and I resolved to try out and recreate it. I discovered some sparkle paint additive at Lowes (the title escapes me, but it was portion of their Valspar line). I obtained a dark charcoal paint and added a great little bit of the sparkle dust to give it a shimmer. The counter tops are just laminate, so I sanded and cleaned them right before priming as very well. I gave it 2 coats of the dark paint, and then I sprinkled some shredded iridescent glitter from the craft shop into the wet paint, pressing them into it as I went.

Lauren DIY painted kitchen countertops review, tips and tricks featured on

The closing move was masking the painted counter tops with a large gloss Polyurethane (h2o dependent so it would not yellow). Ahead of this I was afraid I added way far too a lot of the shredded glitter, but ended up glad I did mainly because a lot of it arrived off as I painted the coats of poly (sanding between every coat of study course!) I feel I ended with three coats of poly.

The counter tops have stood up very well ample for getting a rapid redo, but I certainly want to substitute them with quartz inevitably. Some of the paint obtained scraped when we mounted our new stove and I was not in a position to patch it, so it is a tiny eye sore. And the poly tends to get cloudy any time there is h2o on it even for a short time (it does return to distinct after cleaning up the spill, but it is a kitchen so liquids are not just uncommon).”

Lauren would Probably try out this method once more on counter tops, and she premiums it as a three (Fantastic. It did the work.)


Jenna | Rain on a Tin Roof

About 6 months in the past, Jenna took a various tactic to building her laminate counter tops appear like stone, for just $fifteen and some chalkboard paint! Study the comprehensive aspects listed here.

Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof diy faux stone countertop review, tips and tricks featured on

“So significantly, so great! It is crucial to be aware that this countertop is not in the kitchen. Its portion of a created-in unit in my husband’s person cave, so it does not see as a lot action as kitchen counters do.”

Jenna Rain on a Tin Roof diy painted faux stone countertop review, and more about painted countertops featured on

Jenna states Yes, she would do this once more, “Absolutely! It was really straightforward to do and particularly cost-effective. If it ended up likely to be completed in a kitchen, I would advocate using a far more strong sealant other than wax, these as a satin polycrylic.” She premiums the toughness and have on as a 4 (Fantastic. It has lasted very well and more time than I experienced predicted).

countertop painting kit fb

Countertop Portray Kit Critiques

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Korrie | Pink Hen Property

Korrie painted her countertops (also highlighted listed here) about 4 years ago, using a Giani Granite package.

“We moved from our residence virtually just a yr after using the Giani Granite countertop makeover package on our kitchen counters. I’m sorry to say it–but I was NOT impressed with how very well the counter tops held up all through that time. They ended up high-quality with normal wiping/cleaning, but some of the day-to-day have on-and-tear that counter tops are uncovered to was far too really hard on them. A pot lid, set on the counter, pulled up the top layer of paint. There ended up a number of chips on the edges and the higher floor. We are a family of eight, and we use our kitchen hard…but I expected far better toughness.”

Korrie Red Hen Home Giani granite painted countertop review featured on

Korrie would Probably use this once more or advocate it: “With reservations, I could possibly advocate it for use in a visitor lavatory or a little something that did not get a lot of use. I would not advocate it for a kitchen.” She premiums the end as a 2 (Inadequate. It did not very last, experienced complications, etcetera.) “It did not very last even a yr!”



Emily | My So Known as Diy Site

Emily redid her kitchen counter tops about three many years in the past, using a Giani Granite Paint Kit (in Bombay Black).

“I referenced Gail’s tutorial from My Repurposed Lifetime a lot as very well as the DVD from the package. I used the primer and then layered various colours from the package using a sea sponge. I sanded in between levels and sealed with the protecting coat in package. It was definitely really enjoyment and created a large impression in a short interval of time.”

“Some complications I encountered

  •  If there was anything at all wet or sticky on the counter top (and there typically was) and anything at all paper or cardboard was put on top, it adhered to the counter like glue. I would often peel off paint when seeking to rip and scrub the paper off.
  • Messes need to be cleaned up straight away or they are challenging to get off.
  • The paint wore off about the corners and about the sink. I did endeavor to patch it in a number of places, but it was not a best remedy.
  • Even however the top protecting layer hardened properly, after a yr or so, I could in no way get it to feel clear. No make a difference how a lot I washed and wiped, it nonetheless sort of felt sticky.

My closing advice: I feel it would make a great short term remedy to up grade your counter tops, but after a number of many years it will likely need to be changed with a little something else.”

Emily My So-Called DIY Blog giani granite painted countertop review

Emily would Probably use this countertop portray package once more, and she premiums it as a three (Fantastic. It did the work.)

Emily’s strategies: 

  • Search the web for visuals of genuine granite to get an concept of designs you’d like to replicate and what it definitely looks like.
  • Make positive to seal the corners and the area about the sink definitely very well with the protecting coat. It will have on down far more rapidly than other regions.
  • It is a great concept to do correct right before trip or when you know you are going to be long gone a lot given that you have to wait 2 months for it to cure right before you can use your countertop or sink.



Kelli  | I’m Traveling South

Kelli redid her lavatory countertop and integral sink about a yr ago (highlighted listed here), using the Rustoleum Tub and Tile paint package. [Heather also shared her knowledge with the similar products, used on her tub and shower, listed here.] Study Kelli’s full a person yr update listed here

“The countertop is holding up Wonderfully! When I resolved to go with this method, I experienced browse quite a few horror tales about peeling and chipping paint. But I definitely did not want to live with them the way that they ended up for the next number of many years until finally we could manage a remodel, so was determined ample to give it a try out. I am SO glad that we went with this method. Following a yr of use, we really do not have a one chipped or peeling place. On cleaning days, we use a mild cleaner, but with three minimal boys, Clorox wipes are also used on the normal. I definitely could not be any happier with our decision to paint with Rustoleum Tub & Tile! There is a really faint orange ring on the counter that I just cannot get out. I blame myself for not wiping up h2o underneath a candle soon ample. It is definitely faint, and I commonly maintain a candle in that place anyway, so it does not bother me!”

Kelli I'm Flying South rustoleum painted countertop and sink review

Yes, Kelli would use this method once more — with some extra strategies: “I would unquestionably advocate this method to a pal, but with a number of disclaimers.

Very first, you have to adhere to the directions, thoroughly and fully. Some measures look redundant, but I have to feel that they’re shown for a explanation. We adopted them and have experienced lovely, long lasting benefits!

Next, I feel that this products is ideal used on a sink or countertop. Quite a few of the mishaps I have browse about ended up in tubs and showers, which potential customers me to feel that this paint just does not stand up very well in definitely “wet” regions. Even though our sink and counter get a lot of use, I’m positive it does not evaluate to the total of h2o a tub and shower do!”

Kelli rates her countertop as a 4 (Fantastic. It has lasted very well and more time than I experienced predicted.) “The only explanation I’m likely with 4 as a substitute of 5 is that I’m not positive how a lot of many years it’ll very last. I just know that I’m thrilled it lasted a person yr and hope it lasts a lot of far more!”

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