January 19, 2022


Anything but ordinary

Dog-Proofing Your Home

As good a boy as your best friend is, he is still a dog. His ancient wolfy habits sometimes manifest themselves in tearing apart his latest kill (shredding the couch pillows) or unblocking the obstacles that keep him from you (scratching through the bathroom door). You love your dog, but he can be expensive! Do your part as a responsible owner to make the house a little less chewable.

Remove Chewing Hazards

Rover loves to chew, and when things smell like you he can’t get enough of them! Whether you’ve got dirty laundry on the floor or a pile of industrial wiping rags you used to wash your car, anything that has your scent on it is fair game to your dog.

  • Move things off the floor and out of his reach. Put shoes in the closet, throw dirty clothes in the hamper and close any doors to rooms he shouldn’t be going into.
  • Cables and cords are also favorites. Unplug things like chargers from the wall and put them on the counter, and move power strips under couches and away from curious mouths.
  • There is no pause button with dogs and their appetites, so make sure that anything edible is moved out of their reach. Your leftover pizza needs to go into the fridge and his food needs to be in a different room. Overeating can be more than uncomfortable to dogs, it can be fatal.
  • Find ways to keep him busy while you’re away. Offer a variety of toys and things for him to chew on. Old t-shirts torn and knotted can be great DIY toys, and the best part is that they already smell like you!

Dogs are man’s best friend, so you love him no matter what. Keep him safer and you happier by making your home less likely to be a giant chew toy for your dog.