August 9, 2022


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Dust Suppression Mist and Fog Systems by Koolfog

Koolfog worked with Republic Expert services to introduce dust suppression mist and fog units into their Huntington Beach Transfer Station (TS) and Elements Recovery (Recycling) Facility (MRF) properties to cut down the likely for fugitive dust emissions attributed to their operations. Fugitive Dust is “particulate matter” (PM) pollution from small good (occasionally liquid) particles floating in the air. Fugitive dust typically takes place on perform internet sites that can create occupational wellness and industrial hazards.

Most States have established restrictions and packages to minimize the release of industrial airborne dust and emissions. These laws assistance mitigate threats similar to general public issue, human health and protection and keep away from even more problems that could lead to governing administration fines, opportunity for revenue decline, and continued resistance inside of locale communities where by industrial recycling and waste administration plants reside. Investing in protective equipment and preventative methods to handle fugitive dust contain indoor remedies these kinds of as Koolfog’s dust suppression mist and fog program.

Koolfog’s Dust Suppression Mist and Fog Techniques in Action

Mist and fog devices use large-tension pumps to atomize water creating an atmosphere that consists of droplets that have an common diameter of close to 10-20 microns. In influence, dust particles are absorbed by the fog droplets and drop to the floor. Koolfog takes advantage of a “positive displacement” pump to deliver pressures in excessive of 1000 psi. Fog nozzles, designed specially for sizing of site, water usage, and velocity, have an opening not a great deal greater than the width of a human hair. The mist and fog nozzles create these micron sized droplets to successfully seize dust particulate subject that would otherwise escape into the air.

Performing with Organizations to Lessen Fugitive Dust Inside of Communities

To deal with the have to have to command fugitive dust at Republic’s Huntington Beach services, Koolfog was challenged with employing a fugitive dust suppression remedy to accommodate both equally entry/exit doorways and independent performing areas. Koolfog worked with Services Builders to style a robust, scalable, and automatic process to capture particulate make a difference inside the surrounding environment. In Republic’s circumstance, the regulate of fugitive dust was made to get the job done with the structures under “negative pressure” to flow into outdoors air inward to stream into the making entrances and exhausting by means of stacks that function together with primary tipping ground dust suppression mist and fog techniques.

Koolfog’s Oasis pump was released to help misting lines and nozzles on the vertical side of all the doors. This accomplished the need to have to seize particles just before they escaped into the outside natural environment. The placement also authorized for the mist to be viewed by exterior observers, serving as a visual cue to signal that Republic was having measures to mitigate this hazard. Inside the buildings, dependent upon workload and functions, 3 distinctive zones had been identified to benefit from Koolfog’s dust suppression mist and fog units. A Koolfog Atacama pump was positioned on the ground, created for its scalability and its regulate interface which simply authorized for upkeep supervisors to open up and close zones at different periods.

According to Marcos Chavez, Recycling Servicing Supervisor, Republic Services, “Koolfog systems have done to anticipations and definitely serve their objective to aid us maintain our neighborhood atmosphere cleanse.”

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