January 19, 2022


Anything but ordinary

Functional Ideas for the Pool Area

Your pool is a great feature to have; it attracts a lot of attention from visitors and friends and is a great place to let the kids play and blow off some energy. You get a lot of use out of it, so why not make the pool area more functional and user-friendly?

Storage for Maintenance

Your pool gets regularly serviced by a pool service company Sarasota FL, but you need a place to store the chemicals and tools in the meantime. Keep everything nearby and in easy reach by erecting a small shed or another outbuilding to use as a storage facility.

  • Chemicals are hazardous and should be kept out of little hands. Securely lock your chemical storage area and be sure that your pool technician has a copy of the key.

Changing Area

You don’t want a wet, drippy mess on the floors inside your house, so have a designated changing area available for wet bathing suits and towels. This can be as simple an outhouse-type structure or an entire bathroom addition in the yard.

  • If friends stop by and you have an impromptu pool party, it’s possible that not everyone remembered to bring a swimsuit or towel. Have extras on hand in your changing area to ensure that everyone has a good time!


If you live in a hot area, you know how essential lounge chairs are. They’re perfect for those who want to work on their tan or dry off from swimming. However, they also serve other purposes: Lawn chairs don’t just keep you elevated above the searing pavement, but they also protect you from bugs and other pests who like the sunshine.

It’s an expense to add on to your house, but the payoff in convenience is worth it. You and your family will make great memories in your functional, convenient swimming area.