September 19, 2020


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Functions and Access Stell Floor Deck

The meaning of roof deck system is a material that can function as a substitute...

The meaning of roof deck system is a material that can function as a substitute media for conventional material in the form of a wide board such as plywood. Usually, stell floor deck is used for the base in the process of making the floor and roof of the concrete. The fabricator is a galvanized steel plate fitted with bone.

Steel floor deck has a wavy shape and the size is always the same that is five centimeters. For the length and width, there are several variations, so when choosing can be tailored to the needs or size of areas that would not be given.

Compared to plywood or other materials used to make no, there is some excess stell floor deck that is not owned by other materials. The first is that this material can be stored in a narrow space only, unnecessarily broad because it can be stacked together.

For making dak, if wearing stell floor deck can save the use of reinforcing steel on the floor plate. If the size of the larger and larger, of course, the cost must also be much more efficient. In addition, if it is not functional, it can be used as a temporary workbench or prop up to 2.2 meters in size for continuous spans. The point is that the use of temporary support or temporary support can be reduced and the space under the floor becomes wider.

If the plywood can burn, but for the stell, floor deck is guaranteed to have fireproof properties. Even in laboratory tests ever conducted, this material is set to meet all required standards of equality. In addition, stell floor deck can also be applied on the floor or DIA Frahm an in buildings and buildings of high size and consists of dozens of floors.

Use of stell floor deck can also make the process of workmanship and make not so much easier to do. Either when in the process of preparation or direct detonation process. This makes the makers no faster so there is considerable time efficiency.

The efficiency of this time certainly also affect the financing side and the amount of labor. And more importantly, using the stell floor deck, the use of other materials such as cement, sand, formwork to scaffolding can also be saved. According to experience, the averages can reach twenty-five to thirty percent. Of course, the value of savings is not small.