July 29, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Gate options for Your Home

Building a house can be an exhilarating experience. From getting to choose the floors to picking the landscaping, you can build their perfect home from top to bottom. Once you’ve created an oasis, though, you probably want a little privacy in your own area. This can be a great reason to install a gate, but don’t think imposing metal beasts that will ruin the feng shui of your space. Gates come in all styles and materials, including corten steel gates, wooden gates, aluminum gates, wrought iron gates, the list goes on. Picking a gate that matches your aesthetic can turn a creative space into a magical wonderland.

Metal Gates

Corten steel, or COR-TEN as it is trademarked, is a type of steel made to rust. It is also referred to as weathering steel, because it was designed not to be painted, but rather to accumulate a textured rust over time that looks like it was painted. Some people consider it the fancy new trend in metal gates. Aluminum gates are another popular choice because they are a sturdy design that does not require much upkeep. Many people use aluminum poles to construct a loose gate around the property that acts more as a deterrent than a privacy barrier. Wrought iron gates are constructed similar to metal gates, but are a little heavier and some consider them to be more elegant. Wrought iron can also develop texture over time, which some people embrace as a sign of an antique.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are usually the top choice when a person is using the fence for privacy. The planks can be set close together to limit visibility and the variety of wood it is built with can give it a particular character or design to match the surroundings. Wooden gates should always be varnished and prepared for a life exposed to the outdoors.