December 3, 2021


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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Fire

When a disaster like a house fire strikes, it can leave you feeling lost and bewildered. Your first step should be to determine if the dwelling is still livable. If not, you need to find some place for your family to stay until necessary repair work is done. Many times house fires are caught early enough that it is retained to one room of the home, and you may still be able to reside there. In these situations, a homeowner should follow these simple steps to recovery.

Assess the Damage

You need to look the damage over yourself to see exactly what you are dealing with. Did it cause a substantial amount of disrepair or is it manageable enough to handle on your own? Answering this question will help you determine what action to take next.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As with any damage to your home, you will need to contact your insurance company. Your agent can explain to you exactly what your policy covers, and they will more than likely send someone out to take a look at the damage before you can file your claim. Until they arrive, do not disturb anything in the area. Save all clean-up for after they have made their appraisal.


If the damage is minimal, you might be able to do the clean-up yourself, but more then likely you will need professional help to remove any water damage or odors left behind from smoke. When in need of help with fire damage north carolina has several businesses like that you can turn to. Otherwise, you may always have that strange odor in your home to contend with.

Once the damage has been assessed and the repairs and clean-up completed, you can once again go back to your normal day to day life. Look at this as a learning experience, and discuss with the entire family how this type of disaster can be avoided in the future.