May 18, 2022


Anything but ordinary

Halloween 2021: Harry Potter Comes to Brooklyn

Look I blogged!  As lonely and neglected as I have authorized this site to turn into I couldn’t not share the Halloween decorations.  This year’s topic is Harry Potter and was instantly asked for by Agatha.  How could I not oblige? My massive ideas of making a big mandrake may possibly have been scratched because of to lack of time but we acquired our decorations up in a lot of time to get pleasure from the complete greatest period to be in Brooklyn – autumn.

And of course we will be decked out as Harry Potter people come Halloween. If you are seeking for a tremendous simple costume that is truly warm and comfy, I very endorse this green velvet robe for the Professor McGonagall cosplay.  It is really like carrying a bathrobe. I would like it was socially suitable to use it all-around city.