August 14, 2020


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How To Choose a Radon Mitigation Professional

Do you have radon in your home? This naturally occurring, radioactive gas is produced when...

Do you have radon in your home? This naturally occurring, radioactive gas is produced when rock, soil, and water break down uranium. If your home has a lower air pressure than the soil around it, it can suck radon in through cracks in the foundation. Radon, which may also be present in well water, is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. If you suspect this gas is in your home, hiring a professional mitigation contractor for radon removal Atlanta GA is essential.

Ask About the Reputation

The first thing you’ll want to learn about a potential radon mitigation professional is whether the company has a good reputation within your community. Be sure to ask about any company’s license and insurance numbers and to verify them through the proper channels before hiring anyone. In addition, you should have conversations with the contractors to determine whether they are friendly and professional. Finally, be sure to check out online reviews on websites like the Better Business Bureau or those that were created specifically to review home and business contractors.

Determine What’s in the Contract

Every radon mitigation expert will have a slightly different contract, so it is important to make sure the company you choose includes everything you need in your own contract. The contract should include a detailed account o what the work will involve, how long it will take to complete, how well the radon reduction system will work, and whether there are hidden fees, such as those for diagnostic testing. Everything covered verbally should be included in the contract in detail. Never sign one without reading it first.

Get Estimates

Finally, be sure to get an estimate. Never assume a mitigation expert’s flat fee is going to be what you pay, as each home has different needs. Ask at least three experts for an estimate before determining which one will best be able to meet your needs and your budget.

Radon is a serious situation, but you don’t need to handle it alone. Taking time to find the right contractor will protect both your home and your family.