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How to Fold an American Flag

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Flag etiquette is an critical part of the American custom that assures the Stars and Stripes are handled with the dignity they are entitled to. Founded by Congress in 1942, the formal U.S. Flag Code designed tips for the treatment and screen of the flag. Though it does not describe an formal strategy for folding the flag, the regulations do condition that you should really hardly ever retail store a flag in a way exactly where it can get torn, soiled, or weakened. You should really also hardly ever let the flag touch just about anything beneath it, such as the floor or ground.

Above time, a triangular form has come to be the traditional way to fold the flag and retail store it in a protected method. In accordance to the American Legion, the correct origin of this precise treatment is unidentified, but it may well trace back to the Gold Star Mothers of America or the United States Air Drive Academy.

You can fly Previous Glory any working day of the yr, but you may well want to set absent an especially large flag just after displaying it on Memorial Working day. This strategy will preserve your flag seeking pristine until eventually until eventually the Fourth of July or the following significant vacation. If you might be by yourself, initial lay the flag out on a table face-up, smoothing out any wrinkles. Otherwise, find a spouse and stand reverse just about every other at the quick finishes, keeping the flag taut and parallel to the floor. This is what to do following:

How to Fold an American Flag

  1. Fold the lower, striped part of the flag above the blue area.
  2. Fold above the folded bottom edge to meet the leading edge.
  3. Begin a triangular fold by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to the leading edge.
  4. Flip the outer level inward, parallel with the leading edge, to variety a 2nd triangle.
  5. Continue on until eventually the last folds ensure that only the Union (the blue portion with white stars) is displaying and the open edges are folded in.
    1. See Accurately How to Fold the Flag

      A couple ideas:

      • In the initial two steps, you might be fundamentally folding the flag in quarters lengthwise.
      • If you might be folding the flag with a spouse, the man or woman at the striped close should really make all of the triangular folds although the man or woman at the Union close keeps the flag taut.

        how to fold an american flag

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        Flag etiquette dictates only flying your flag involving dawn and sunset until it is thoroughly illuminated. You should really also take down Previous Glory in the occasion of inclement climate besides if it really is an all-climate flag built out of a non-absorbent content like nylon. Only fly American flags in great affliction, but as lengthy as you comply with these tips, your Stars and Stripes will past several years to appear.