November 23, 2020


Anything but ordinary

How to Keep Your Kids Busy and Gain an Hour of Peace

With everyone stuck inside for longer than usual, it can be difficult to find some quiet, especially in a house filled with kids. Is it possible to really get a break? Is solitude gone, or can you really squeeze in a bit of you time? It may seem impossible, but there could be a few things that might gain you some sanity. The following projects might take a bit of effort; however, the rewards may be sweet in the long run. Consider picking on and giving it a try.

Install a Playground

Vitamin D is essential, and it’s so hard to get from diet; however, the sun provides plenty of it. Not only then is outdoor fun a health benefit, but it wears kids out. Play sets can cost money; however, they offer the opportunity to climb, run, and swing–all activities that could get them busy. Pick one that fits the age range of your children and perhaps buys you an extra year or two. It’s important to look to the future. Then, locate the best spot in the yard. Level the ground, put it together and fill it up. That base is important in protecting injuries, so research what you need by looking up playground mulch cincinnati.

Buy a Blowup Pool

Summertime and water go together like bread and butter. It’s a natural combination. Look online or at a local store for a good deal. Pop it up, and let them go. You’ll need to supervise water fun, but that can be with a cup of water, a book and a chair. Let them splash away for the afternoon.

Invest in Building Toys

Creative minds need time, space and material. Magnetic blocks are a fascinating activity that can truly captivate your little ones. Take a day or so to model all of the various ways they could use the objects. Then, allow them to simply sit of the floor and play. After a bit, they’ll catch on. It’s quiet, non-electronic and engaging.

Make a Reading Corner

Reading needs fostering, and sometimes that means finding a spot that inspires comfort. Set up an area in the house just for that purpose. Buy a bean bag chair. Grab pillows, and toss them on the floor. Think lounge time. This is after all a period of silence. Do you want them outdoors? Find a hammock chair. The swinging even helps antsy kiddos calm down and focus. 

Craft Bin

Purchase a tub, and fill it with random crafting tools. Think glue sticks, tape, construction paper and crayons. Put it near a table, and just let the minds go wild. 

Take some deep breaths. You may just get a chance for you.