October 24, 2021


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How To Know The Quliaty Of The Sump Pump?

Your local basement and foundation experts are available to perform basement inspection, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other services that will help detect and prevent the growth and spread of potentially dangerous mold.

How To Know The Quliaty Of The Sump Pump

Did you know that there could be a monster lurking in your basement? No, not an imaginary creature that your kids dreamed up! A real-life monster that can cause all sorts of serious health issues, including:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin rashes
  • Cancer
  • And even death!

That monster is mold. Although many types of mold are simply unsightly and unpleasant smelling, certain kinds of mold harbor the terrible potential to cause permanent damage to human health.

Mold can also drastically reduce the value of your property. Mold is most likely to grow in dank, wet environments, which is why it tends to favor basements.

If your home does not have a basement waterproofing system or is in need of foundation repair, you may be at risk for a mold infestation.

Preventing Mold

Basement Waterproofing: Basement waterproofing is essential to protecting your home from mold. One great basement waterproofing method is the French drain system.

This involves a sump pump installation in tandem with digging a narrow ditch around the interior perimeter of the basement.

If you don not familiar with the sump pump you can check the video here on youtube.

How Does a Sump Pump Work

How To Know The Quliaty Of The Sump Pump

  • Make sure that have iron steel component.
  • Can pump 6000 gallons water per hour
  • Water cooled motor
  • Safe electricity
  • Multi ring suction minimizes clogs
  • And additional information you can check here

Basement Waterproofing System

A perforated tube is set into the ditch and pitched toward the sump pump. It’s then covered with gravel and a layer of cement. With this type of a basement waterproofing system, when water seeps into the basement at the seam between the basement floor and foundation footing, it will enter the tube, be directed to the sump pump, and be pumped away from the building.

Foundation Repair

Cracks in the foundation, a shifting foundation, and bowing basement walls can not only encourage wetness and mold growth but can weaken the very structure of your building.

Foundation specialists can perform the installation of piering to anchor the building to stronger soils for sinking foundations. They can also install posts and clamps and apply epoxy sealant to the interior or exterior of your foundation walls.

These methods block out water by reinforcing the foundation and can add support to the foundation walls by closing gaps and strengthening weak spots. It is essential that foundation repair be performed as quickly as possible in order to preserve the stability and livability of the building, so the moment you notice cracks, shifting floors, popped nails, or other unexplained changes to your building, the solution may lie in foundation repair.

Your local basement contractors can also provide you with a free basement inspection. This is one way that you can be sure that your building is not at risk for, or harboring, mold.

If there is mold present in your basement, your local basement contractors can send mold remediation specialists to prevent the spread of the mold, remove it, and spray anti-fungals to prevent future growth. The basement inspector can also check for threats to your home’s structure, which can be irreversible if not immediately remedied.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your basement or foundation, call your local foundation contractors today.