September 25, 2022


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How to maintain a French chateau

French chateaus represent the epitome of French country living and style. With their ornate architecture, sprawling grounds and lush gardens, they are a popular tourist attraction in France. If you happen to own one of these architectural gems, then you know that maintaining them is no small task. 

When looking for a French chateau for sale, there is one thing that you need to remember: it’s not just the house. The surrounding property and gardens are part of your new home as well. You may have fallen in love with the elegant façade and gorgeous interior, but if you don’t take care of the space around it, your investment will quickly start to show its wear-and-tear too. But that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This article provides some valuable tips for maintaining your French chateau so that it stays beautiful for years to come!

Keep the garden clean and tidy

The chateau garden is a lovely place, but it requires some work – mowing the lawn and cutting back shrubs. The first thing you need to do is maintain the garden. You should start by mowing the lawns, trimming hedges and pruning plants. If there are any weeds in your garden, make sure to pull them out as well.

Maintain the roof

The roof of a chateau takes the most beating from weather, so it is important to maintain this part. Regular inspections should be made and any damage needs to be fixed immediately before further damage occurs. If you have a flat or shingled roof, make sure that they are properly looked after by cleaning them regularly with water and soap mixed together in a bucket along with some other ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice, if necessary. You can also hire professionals for these services who will come once every few months, depending on your budget for this task.

Keep plants trimmed, flowers watered, and hedges neat

The stonework of a chateau can easily become dirty and mossy, while the plants around it need to be trimmed. Keep these in good condition by trimming them regularly. This will also ensure that nobody accidentally walks into or trips over your hedges – which may result in injury! Don’t forget about the flowers either – they’re easy to miss when you’ve got so much else going on but without them, not only does your garden look bare – you’ll end up with less privacy as well, and who wants that?

Maintain the chateau’s pool

It is essential to keep a clean, sanitized, and properly maintained pool. This will not only ensure your family can enjoy swimming in its waters, but also that it remains safe for others who may wish to use it. Ensure you regularly check levels of chlorine in the water as well as ensuring there are no cracks or leaks which could cause damage to surrounding areas. If any issues with algae growth do arise, then consider using a natural alternative such as granulated barley straw rather than chemicals found at most home improvement stores, this way is completely healthy for all families wishing to swim! 

Have a professional clean your carpets regularly

Carpets are where dust, grit and grime collect the most in your home. If left alone for too long, this dirt can become ingrained into carpet fibers, which makes it harder to clean later on down the line. Given you’re owning a chateau, it’s safe to say that you probably have many different carpets that might need cleaning. The best thing you can do for maximum results is hire a professional cleaning firm to clean all your carpets, because, let’s face it, it’s a lot of work to do on your own. There are many companies that will do this for a very inexpensive price and you can hire them to come in and clean your carpets as often as you need them done. This is the best way to ensure that they always look great, smell nice, and feel soft every time.

Get rid of clutter around the house

One of the best ways to keep your chateau in good condition is by keeping it free from clutter. Not only can excess things cause stress, but they also take up space that could be used for other purposes. If you have not worn clothing or accessories since last Christmas, get rid of them! By clearing out what you do not need on a regular basis, you are making room to create new memories with loved ones and friends. You should experience less stress when living in an organized home without too many things around taking up extra space. 

A fresh coat of paint every few years is essential in maintaining your chateau the best way possible

The chateau must not only be maintained inside, but outside too, which is the harder job. Exterior paint should be applied every seven years for a fresh and preserved look. If you have wood siding, it will need to be treated with a water repellent from time to time. 

When you are choosing a paint color, keep in mind that the best colors to use on Chateau exteriors will be dark and neutral tones. Neutral shades can blend with most landscapes, while darker hues provide contrast against green grasses and light-colored flowers. Make sure your exterior paints have UV protection, so they don’t fade or crack due to sunlight damage! 

Having a beautiful big French chateau is not always easy, because it requires so much more care and attention to keep it in good condition for years ahead than a regular house – it has huge gardens, lots of rooms to clean and pools to maintain. It’s a lot of work, but hey, let’s look at the bright side – you live in a castle in France, right? So, keep maintaining your French chateau and over time you’ll see your hard work paying off with an increased value of the property, which can be passed down through generations.