September 19, 2020


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Keeping Critters Away From Your Pets

Your pets are likely a part of the family, and when they are miserable from...

Your pets are likely a part of the family, and when they are miserable from the fleas and ticks, you’re probably miserable as well. Instead of letting the fleas and ticks eat away at your pets, there are some things that you can do to keep them away. It’s best to combine a few different methods together in order to get the best results, but monitor the skin of the pet as there are some methods that might begin to irritate areas of the skin for some pets.


You’ll see that fleas and ticks come out more in the summer months, but you need to prevent them all during the year, especially if they live outside or go outside on a regular basis. There are some fleas and ticks that can live in colder climates, which is why you need to be proactive in keeping them away from the home and your pets. Sprays on the pets, pills that can be prescribed and sprays around the home are often best for a long-term solution.

Older Products

When you’re using flea and tick control treatments, you need to avoid using items that are older. They likely won’t work as well as newer products. Ask your vet about the best products that are on the market if you can’t afford to get a medication that is prescribed.

Use Products On The Right Animal

You need to use products on dogs that are meant for dogs and on cats that are meant for cats. Don’t use products on a different type of animal as something for a dog might be too strong for a cat and products for a cat wouldn’t be as effective on a dog. Some products can irritate the skin of a different animal if they are used in ways that they shouldn’t be used.

Professional Products

If you notice that there are fleas and ticks inside the home, then you might want to consider having a flea and tick control company come in and spray. Products that are used are safe for your dogs and cats but kill of the pesky insects that linger on your pets. The technician can also spray around the outside of the home to prevent fleas and ticks from entering.


When you groom your pets, you need to check for fleas and ticks. A regular bath where you can wash away the dirt and debris from the skin is a good way to keep the pets clean. There are medicated shampoos that can fight against fleas and ticks so that you don’t have to keep putting sprays and other products on them. Another option is to use a flea comb on your pets. This will help to get rid of some of the fleas and their eggs that are near the skin as well as any ticks that are hiding.