October 18, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Low Maintenance and Family-Friendly Landscaping Options

Keeping your home looking nice and presentable is a big part of homeownership. For many people, a lush green lawn is a big part of that appearance. However, there are challenges to that, including conserving natural resources and finding the time to actually keep it maintained. Luckily, there are plenty of choices that allow you to have a beautiful and welcoming yard without the hassle of a ton of upkeep.  

Artificial Turf

You might think that artificial grass installation Austin is only for large sports fields, but it can be a viable option for homeowners looking for an easy to maintain yard. In fact, Smarturf is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to worry about mowing and water, or for people with grass allergies. Your kids won’t be exposed to harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and you won’t have to worry about them dragging mud through the whole house after playing in the yard. 


If you are looking for a way to conserve natural resources and still have a stunning yard, xeriscaping may be the solution for you. It follows seven main principles that focus on reducing water use, improving the soil, and limiting maintenance requirements. Many xeriscaping designs use native plants that, since they are well-suited and adapted to the local environment, require minimal maintenance. These landscapes often forgo chemical fertilizers and pesticides since plants develop natural resistance to local threats. With their hardy temperaments, all you’ll need to do is some basic pruning and trimming and you are ready to go. 

Edible Landscapes

While traditional gardens can be pretty labor-intensive, there are many types of edible plants that don’t require as much intensive care. Consider planting several fruit or nut trees around your property. They’ll offer both fruit and shade after a few years. Many areas also have native berries that can be grown with little care. They can make an attractive natural hedge that also provides a delicious treat for your family. 


From wooden decks and gazebos to stone patios and walkways, hardscaping uses non-living materials to define a landscape. These can serve functional purposes like helping you move between areas of the yard or providing a space for entertaining with friends. Onc installed, they require little care and maintenance. Depending on the materials you use, you may need to apply sealers every year or so, but other than that you will be free to enjoy your landscape for years to come. 

You’ll find the most satisfaction when you choose landscape elements that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Consider the initial investment, functionality, and maintenance and upkeep when making a decision.