September 19, 2020


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Pergolas in Turramurra

Pergola is being used by the residents of Turramurra   as an outdoor garden feature which...

Pergola is being used by the residents of Turramurra   as an outdoor garden feature which forms a shaded walking area, passage, it can also be used at those areas where there is vertical pillar it helps in supporting beams and open lattice area.

Pergola is a feature that is mainly used as an outdoor feature, this is in the form of columns that supports the roof through the beams and rafts, the roofs can be kept open or even can be covered in order to give shelter, the Pergolas in Turramurra are either free or they are attached to the house

Pergolas in Turramurra are very famous and it’s a very simple way of protecting oneself from the sun, it’s made of boards that are sturdy and cross beans, finishing is done with lattice and even sometimes with vine, these are very easy to build and cost wise they are very reasonable also, they add creative element in the house.

There are different advantages of using a Pergolas these are: –

  • It creates space: – Pergolas add a new look and aesthetic to the backyard portion of the house, they can be converted in to a lounge or even space for dining, for those who are looking for a perfect outdoor space can go with the option of Pergola.
  • It gives you privacy: – Pergolas give privacy if you want to enjoy the get together in a personal area, one can add some drapes and enjoy the privacy.
  • Helps in creating space for plants: – The pergolas help in creating open space for plants in the garden and gives special look to the garden, it also helps in protecting the plants from harsh weathers like extreme heat and sun.

There are mainly two types of Pergolas, these are the gable roof or flat roof, both of them have their own advantage, it depends on the customer as to what type of Pergola he wants to choose.

Pergolas come in different shapes and sizes as per your needs either they will be very small or even they can be huge enough to cover a walkway.

  1. Gable Pergola: – The gable roof pergolas help in giving a cool and very light environment, it has high roofs which helps in the inflow of air through the day, gable pergolas are made of timber and can have different types of designs that will give it a very different look.
  2. Flat Pergola: – These have versatile structures that gives good flexibility , they have timber ceiling and also has inbuilt lights features in it, these can be customized as per the needs of the customer, the pergolas in Turramurra are a very good option when it comes to adding scenic feature to the outer area of the house.

Pergolas is a very cost-effective option that can bring additional beauty to the house and the garden area. They add an additional element to the look and give healthy and positive environment to the outer space of the house backyard. Children enjoy spending time under the Pergolas.