January 19, 2022


Anything but ordinary

Planning Your Big Move the Easy Way

Moving! The word has so many different connotations that it may send shivers down your spine, or it may fill you with excitement. No matter how you feel about moving when the time comes for you to make the change from one home or apartment to another, there are some steps you can take that can help you make the whole process flow smoothly. With some careful planning and a few well timed phone calls, you can find the whole experience is almost a pleasure.

Establish a Set Date

Even if you are looking at a move that is six months away, establish a date. Then do yourself a favor and post the date several places around your home where you can see it. If you only have three weeks and you find yourself binge watching a television show, the note will get you back on track. If you have four months, you can check your list and see if any actions need to be taken to stay on schedule.

Create a Moving List

Spend an hour or two going over everything in your mind that needs doing before you can close the door for the last time. Once you have the list of items, move them into a chronological order moving backwards from when you create the list, to the day you make the big move. If there are items that require special attention, such as locating moving companies in Ballwin MO, finding a storage locker, or contacting your insurance company, highlight them for ease of reference.

Packing as You Go

No matter how much time you have left until you move, begin packing right away. Remove the items you won’t need such as books, bric-a-brac, pictures, and kitchen items. The more you can get packed early in the experience, the less stress you will feel at the end.

You can plan your move using these three easy steps, and the preparations may surprise you at how stress free the situation can suddenly become. Checking a well-made list can make all the difference in knowing what needs to be done and when!