December 10, 2022


Anything but ordinary

Remodelista Reconnaissance: World’s Most Stylish Filtered Water Dispenser?

For many years we’ve been recognizing a single particularly sculptural water dispenser in the kitchens of the layout-minded and eco-conscious. Not long ago we did a deep dive here’s all the things you will need to know.

The Sighting

most recently, we spotted the curvilinear vessel in a brooklyn cook space by st 9
Above: Most not long ago, we noticed the curvilinear vessel in a Brooklyn cook dinner area by Studio Oink. It is on the much righthand aspect of the counter, also viewable in An International Affair: Studio Oink Collaborate with a NY Design and style Staff on a Youthful Family’s Brooklyn Townhouse. Photograph by Matthew Williams, courtesy of Studio Oink.

The Supply

introducing the walter filter. it&#8\2\17;s a ceramic vessel (the company c 10
Earlier mentioned: Introducing the Walter filter. It is a ceramic vessel (the company calls clay the “elemental material”), with a lid, top chamber, base chamber, a stainless steel spout, a maple take care of, and a Berkey filter inside. They are hand-designed in Brooklyn by founder Cassie Griffin and her staff. Revealed in this article is the Walter in White.

Be aware: The Walter web site is at this time going through a revamp. In the meanwhile, the Walter Ceramic H2o Filter in white is available through Goop for $450. Maintain an eye on the Walter site and @walterfilter for relaunch updates.

the walter also comes in a variety of textures and painted designs, offering a  11
Above: The Walter also will come in a range of textures and painted styles, supplying a design-forward—and considerably additional eco-friendly—alternative to disposable bottles.
another painted walter. also available: a hand forged steel walter stand, made  12
Over: A further painted Walter. Also obtainable: a hand-forged metal Walter Stand, created by blacksmith Jim Wyckoff in Pennsylvania.
the anatomy of a walter. for more on how it works, head here. 13
Previously mentioned: The anatomy of a Walter. For more on how it is effective, head in this article.

N.B. The other area we not long ago noticed a Walter? In a hand-created sauna on the Maine coast, showcased in our new guide, Remodelista in Maine: A Design and style Lover’s Information to Encouraged, Down-to-Earth Design and style. Head here to pre-purchase a copy.

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