January 19, 2022


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The Cost of Commercial Fire Damage

All it takes is one faulty outlet for a fire to break out in your commercial structure. Electrical fires often have some warning signs such as a burning odor that you smell in the room or black marks around the outlet itself. A fire can also break out with little to no warning. That is why it’s so important that you understand what fire restoration services are available and what you can do to avoid a fire from damaging your building.

Smoke Removal

One cost that you will face is what the specialists charge to remove any lingering smoke odors from the structure. Those odors can penetrate deep into wood and cloth surfaces and can affect other materials too. You may need to paint the walls and use a primer that seals in that odor and then covers it. Removing the odors from your building may require the use of industrial fans that circulate fresh air around the room and the removal of items that you cannot salvage.

Water Damage

No matter how large the fire was, you’ll find yourself dealing with some water damage. This occurs because of the hoses and the steady stream of water used to keep the fire from spreading. To remove any signs of water damage, restoration specialists must typically remove any damaged items from the building, including floors that appear warped because of the water. Between removing the smoke odors and taking care of water damage, it will cost thousands of dollars or more to restore your building.

Building Inspection

Before you can open your building again to the general public or employees, you must pay for a full inspection too. A fire suppression system inspection California company can inspect the system you have in place to stop fires. Experts can make sure that the system works and that it does not show any signs of damage from the last fire. You’ll also need to pay for a full inspection of the building itself. When you know how to prevent and stop fires, you can save on the cost of damage caused by a fire.