October 18, 2021


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The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Mold is a very sneaky substance that can show up in the moist and dark areas of your home. Because of this, most people do not think it presents a major problem for humans. However, it becomes a problem for anyone within contact if excess moisture settles into porous materials often used to build houses. Getting rid of it will require mold remediation in Houston.

Otherwise, spores will spread throughout your home and create health problems for you and your family.

Dangers of Mold Lurking in Your Home

Mold sneaking into your home can cause many dangers. Classified as fungi, once mold develops, it eats and spreads spores in the same manner as other types of bacteria. A house provides perfect areas for this to occur.

Living with mold can cause respiratory tract symptoms. You and/or a family member may begin wheezing and coughing. Swelling of the throat is also likely to occur. If anyone in your family problems with allergies and asthma, they are at greater risk of becoming sick. Being hypersensitive to pneumonitis also makes a person prone to sickness.

How Mold Thrives

Mold is capable of thriving in places where a lot of moisture and porous materials are present. it feasts on these conditions, which can be caused by a leaky roof or pipes, damp or wet areas in crawlspaces and basement, or after flooding. Leaving damp towels on the floor also exposes your home to mold growth.

Slight disturbances can move mold from an undisturbed area and cause it to release spores. Walking around the house is one way this can occur. Once spores are dispersed, they will enter air ducts and the air conditioning unit. This is when you and your family are vulnerable to inhaling these mold spores.

Preventing and Eliminating Mold

Obviously, you want to protect your household from this unhealthy condition. Controlling moisture in different areas of your home is key to preventing this dangerous growth. Even though you cannot see or smell the mold, problems are still possible when mold is present.

Removal specialists can get rid of the mold that has found a resting place in your home.