May 31, 2020


Anything but ordinary

The Weirdest Tools You Need Now

In the world of tool design, there are a lot of clever people. It seems...

In the world of tool design, there are a lot of clever people. It seems that if there is a problem, someone has invented a tool to help solve it. Many of these objects have interesting names and, if you don’t work in specialized fields, you may never have heard of them. 

Halligan Bar

This heavy-duty hand tool is precisely that: heavy. Weighing in at anywhere from 12 to 14 pounds, it is made of high carbon steel and is about four feet long. Unless you are a firefighter, rescue worker or routinely break into buildings, you have probably never heard of it. Though unwieldy, it can be used for prying things or for demolition projects.

Stanley #1 Odd Jobs

This unusually named multipurpose tool was initially made in 1888 and continued in production until 1935. It was a combination tri-square, spirit level, miter square, scratch awl, rule, marking gauge, mortise gauge, depth gauge and beam compass. You can still find this almost antique carpenter’s tool at a couple of retailers online. 

Dogleg Reamer

The handle of this tool looks like an average screwdriver, but the shaft has a sharp bend. When a new hole has been drilled, you place the tip of this gadget into it to smooth it out. It is a crucial step to prevent stress fractures in the drilled material, such as in aircraft maintenance. 

Stubby Nail Eater

When you have a job that doesn’t permit you the luxury of finding an alternative spot to one that already has a nail in it, then you probably have a stubby nail eater. This auger bit is used by plumbers and electricians who occasionally have to drill where a nail is already located. It is short enough to work in tight places, and it chews up the nail quickly.