January 19, 2022


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Three Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

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With the help of technology nowadays homeowners and buyers now make property transactions within a couple of days. This now makes the general public wonder if we still need the expertise of real estate agents. These days, we hear people making jokes about the hiring of an agent being an act of a bygone era. However, reviews from online platforms including home improvement websites has proven otherwise. 

A lot of people believe that running solo on these transactions helps save the commission expense of hiring an agent. While this may be true, this approach is likely to cost more than the commission rate an agent is likely to propose. You need to understand that acquiring or selling a property involves major legal and financial decisions. These benefits of hiring a real estate agent would prove why. 

More Options At Your Convenience  

What most property owners fail to realize is that the job of a real estate agent is to stand as a liaison between buyers and sellers. That’s about one of the major things they do all year long. Doing this full-time gives them enough expertise and access to better property options than what a regular citizen would find. 

Take, for example, you spotted a home for sale at a certain price with direct contact with the buyer. A real estate agent’s job is to find you a property with similar preferences, cheaper fees, and better living conditions. All these would be done at your convenience. 

The Art Of Negotiation 

In recent times, we believe having direct contact with a property seller makes negotiating transparent. However, unless the two parties involved in the property contract are reasonable and honest people, the buyer is likely to pay higher. We’ve gotten several cases of clients who at a time bought properties for almost twice the retail selling price.

Upon hiring a real estate agent, he/she does not only act as a middleman but also as a messenger. A qualified messenger who has your best interest at hand yet knows the starting price of all properties for sale. This gives you more than an upper hand during negotiation. As the agent negotiates like a professional with enough information at hand. 

Handling Contracts 

Like I mentioned earlier, these transactions involve legal statements that could only be decoded by a law literate. When you initiate a contract as a buyer or seller certain conditions are protecting both parties’ interests. These contracts pass by a real estate agent daily, and with enough experience from previous cases, yours would be smooth. 

I believe housing contracts shouldn’t be signed without the presence of an expert. Every real estate agent understands the term of every contract and can relay them to interested parties in understandable terms. In most cases, the agent highlights the necessary aspect of the legal document and translates it to his/her client. This way the buyer or seller understands the agreed terms and chooses to continue or back out of the deals. Every property transaction needs the involvement of a real estate agent