June 6, 2020


Anything but ordinary

Three Reasons Why You Should Become a Contractor

  With the world economy changing daily, and the number of unemployed people steadily rising,...


With the world economy changing daily, and the number of unemployed people steadily rising, those who are lucky enough to be in work are counting their blessings as they count down to their next payday. But not everyone who works has the average, run of the mill, full time, 9-5 job post, because some are contractors. This means that they are contracted to work for a certain company or individual for a certain length of time, before taking on work elsewhere – much like a freelance worker, such as a freelance journalist. So, is this something that you can do too? Read on for three reasons why you should join the growing number of contractors around the world.  Precautionary measures are the most optional methods to put off the residential boiler Calgary.

The Hours Are Flexible
Unlike people who work set hours, such as 9-5ers and shift workers, contractors are only contracted to work a certain amount of time each day or each week. So, for example, a contractor might work 8 hours a day, but their contract will not tell them which 8 hours of the day to work. So, they can get up early if they wish and work from 6 am – 2pm, or get up late and work 12pm – 8pm, because they are only meant to put in certain hours, not set times. If you are working at home, this can be especially useful as it gives you time to do other things during the day – such as taking and picking up your children from school, running errands or even negotiate other contracts.

One Word: Overtime
Like your contemporaries, you will be able to work and claim overtime when you work longer than you should. Overtime pay can be very, very good, especially if you choose to work during a national holiday, such as a bank holiday or during the weekends. Depending on your contract, you many get paid time and a half or even double time, so keep that in mind.

Umbrella Companies
As a contractor, you will be working for and by yourself, but don’t overlook umbrella companies as they are companies that support contractor work. They can help you in any number of ways, such as by chasing up contracts, going after employers that haven’t paid your outstanding invoices, or simply just being a source of advice about your next career move.

Contractors are not like ordinary workers, and while they do get to choose from a lot of benefits, they do have to work very hard to have them. If you’re serious about undertaking some contracting work, then start doing some research, get in touch with a Contractor Umbrella Company, and see what your options are.