October 18, 2021


Anything but ordinary

Tiling The Bathroom

Bathroom tiles are usually among the easiest to install in the home because of the size of the room. When you begin looking for bathroom floor tiles in Orlando FL, you should look for something that will make the space appear larger or tiles that will blend well with the counters, walls, and details in the room so that everything flows together. Lighter colors often make a bathroom appear larger than it really is, such as white or cream. The grout shouldn’t be too much of a contrast against the tiles that are used because it can make the floor seem dimension when it should be smooth. Another way that you can make a bathroom appear larger is if you position the tiles in a diagonal pattern. When you’re putting tile in the bathroom, think about how it will feel whether it’s in the shower and you’re going to sit on a seat or if you’re going to walk barefoot on the floor. Larger pieces of tile often feel better to walk and sit on than smaller tiles. They are also easier to install than smaller tiles. If you use larger pieces, then make sure the width of the grout is at least that of a minimum measurement to ensure that the tiles don’t crack. Using colored or patterned tiles in the bathroom is an option to consider if you want depth in the room or if you want to take the focus off of a certain area. However, only use about three or four colors so that the bathroom doesn’t appear washed out. When you use more than a few colors, it can be difficult to create a pattern that you like on the floor, counters, or walls. Take a step back before securing the tiles to ensure that the room doesn’t look distasteful.