March 28, 2023


Anything but ordinary

Tips for Saving Money on Laundry

Nearly everyone these days is seeking ways to save money around the house. From living minimally to clipping coupons, you may also be regularly finding ways to save as well. Today, you should consider your laundry room and how much money you spend in it. From the electricity to run the machines to the water, heat, detergent and softening, you probably spend more money than you think. These three tips will help you cut costs every time your run a load.

Create Full Loads

While you may be tempted to run a quick load every morning simply to keep piles of dirty laundry under control, it is far more frugal to instead wait until each load is full before running your washer and dryer. Consider using three laundry hampers to organize clothes by darks, colors and whites. Once the hamper is full for a color, simply toss it in, and run a full load.

Use Cold Water

Although your mother may have sworn by using warm water to get stains out of laundry, today’s detergents are typically always designed to work quite well in cold water. Opt for liquid detergents and cold water on every load. This can save you approximately 30 cents on every load you run.

Upgrade Your Appliances

This tip is certainly an investment but one that will pay off in the end. If you are already in the market for a new washer and dryer, opt for Energy Star-rated washers and dryers Massachusetts that are designed to save you money. Choose a washer that has a high-speed spin cycle and a dryer that offers a cool-down cycle. Another smart option to look for is the moisture sensor option for a dryer.

With each load of laundry costing up to $1.50, you can shave a good deal of money off your utility bill each month if you follow these tips. Of course, the larger your family and the more laundry you regularly do, the more savings you will see.