June 2, 2023


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Top 5 Reasons for AC Replacement

A mechanical breakdown is a good reason to replace the air conditioning system, but it is not the only reason people invest in a new unit. Below are the top five reasons homeowners seek a replacement for the appliance that keeps them cool.

Storm Damage

Florida residents experience a fair share of severe thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Storms with heavy winds and hail can damage the air conditioner, or throw debris on top forcing a replacement. You might want to discuss the cost of a protective steel cage to house the air conditioner in to help protect it from major damage. Lightning strikes rarely take the AC out directly but can affect the power grid and force too much electricity through and burn out the system.

Old Age

An air conditioner that stops running due to age is an unavoidable problem at some point. As the system ages, take great care to have it serviced every year without fail. The better you maintain the AC, the longer it will last.

Need for Constant Repairs

Facing huge repair bills at every turn eventually leads many owners to abandon ship and purchase a new AC system. If the primary parts like the compressor begin to fail, it is time to get serious about making plans to replace the whole thing. When planning, you can take your time and find a great deal with pricing, brand, and customer satisfaction rating.

Unit Is Too Small

Have you experienced problems keeping the home cool since purchase? If the air conditioner is too weak for the area, it will never feel as pleasantly cool as you desire. Before you purchase the replacement unit, consult with a professional in regards to adequate size for the space you have.

Warranty Replacement for Defective Unit

No matter how carefully put together the air conditioner, you can end up with one that suffers from defective quality. In this case, the unit will be under warranty and replaced at no charge except a nominal installation fee.

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