November 30, 2020


Anything but ordinary

Use Glass to Make a Dramatic Statement

It is said that the eyes are the windows into the soul and, in turn,...

It is said that the eyes are the windows into the soul and, in turn, windows can reveal the soul of a home. Many of the most striking architectural features in unique homes are accomplished through the design, choice and placement of glass windows and doors.

Making a Statement

Not only do we see out of windows, but they are one of the first features people notice about a home. Large, tall expanses of glass can give a building a sense of soaring strength, while groupings of smaller windows add charm. Curved glass can be used as a focal point to draw the eye to a particular section of a building, although it can be difficult to find for residential applications.

Choose Quality

If you are looking for something truly unusual in terms of glass, you might want to consider commercial rather than residential options. Commercial glass is manufactured to be stronger than what is used in residential windows and doors because of the amount of traffic in and out of the building. It is also preferred for large expanses of glass that need more structural integrity than residential glass can provide. Consider contacting a commercial glass company washington dc to explore your options in the mid-Atlantic region.

Creating with Light

Not only are large windows beautiful from the street side, but they can be used to flood your living space with cheerful light. Natural light enhances the mood, literally brightening your home and your outlook on life. Especially in a climate where winters can be overcast, getting as much light into a home as possible can help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Large windows can be used to create an atrium or conservatory space. Filling the area with plants not only lifts your mood, but the greenery provides an extra boost of oxygen, too.

If you want to create an architectural statement, consider including large windows and doors in your home design.