March 6, 2021


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What Is A Flat Pack Kitchen? The kitchen cabinetry is delivered fully assembled and boasts...

What Is A Flat Pack Kitchen?

The kitchen cabinetry is delivered fully assembled and boasts a value pricepoint, saving you time and money. It offers a stylish kitchen design solution and guarantees you get the designer look for less. Starting at 300mm, our flat-pack base and wall units come in a variety of widths. Different height options are available too, including 360mm half-height versions, to make it easy to get a custom fit in your space.


These units are inexpensive to replace when wear and tear occurs over time – making it easy to keep a design looking fresh and functional. With less assembly required during manufacturing, flat-pack cupboards offer a cost-effective alternative to pre-constructed cabinetry.

What Are Flat-pack Cabinets?

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Flat Pack Kitchen

You are able to specify your own Height, Width and Depth (yes all three) sizes and all to the exact millimeter – Perfect sized and perfect fitting cabinets. Smart cabinets are a range of cabinets with the ability to specify your own custom height, width and depth and have a range of options to customise the cabinet to best suit your needs. We are an Australian wide supplier of exceptional custom quality flat pack Australian cabinetry.

All Flat Pack Kitchens Specialists are supplied with extremely detailed, easy to understand instructions and all the fixings and hardware that you will need. At most, all you will need to supply yourself is a few basic tools (hammer and screwdriver for example). Plus, you’ll feel rest assured that your new kitchen will fit perfectly without any filler pieces or empty spaces. Flat pack kitchens are also precisely cut and finished in the factory, so that once they are installed in your home, you will have a finish that is as good as if a professional installed it.

“Getting the layout right is really important to maximise space and functionality,” says Kaboodle Kitchen’s Briony Mikrou. Both stores have a wide range of front styles with different colours and materials, so you may be willing to pay more if you have a strong preference for a style on offer at one or the other. To give a rough guide, we looked at a small L-shaped flat-pack kitchen from Bunnings with space for a microwave, dishwasher and oven, and broke it down into its individual components. We then compared the cost of each component (excluding sink, taps, microwave box, and appliances) to its closest equivalent at Ikea.